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Wallpaper Printing Ink
    • Registered trademark: JETALL®
    • Color: C/M/Y/K/LC/LM/LK/LLK/W/OP
    • Applicable medias: wallpaper, deep PU, shallow PU, PVC, PET, PP, tyvek paper, coated paper, kraft paper, non-woven fabric, etc.

    • Advantages of wallpaper printing ink: high color fastness to wet and dry friction and sunlight, and stretch resistance, bending resistance, high temperature resistance, freezing resistance, alcohol, acetone, acid and alkali resistance.

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Introduction to Wallpaper Printing Ink

Latex Inks

Available Colors

Applicable Printheads

Latex Ink for Epson Printheads


Epson DX5, DX7, I3200, S3200, etc.

Latex Ink for Industrial Printheads

Starfire, Ricoh, Seiko, etc.

Latex Printing Solution

Application of Wall Covering Paper Printing Latex Ink:

Clothing Printing: Heat transfer film and color-changing printing on non-absorbent fabrics such as clothing leather, soft decoration, down coat, etc.

Shoes Printing: Microfiber leather, PU, leather, PVC, Abb, etc.

Advertising Industry: Car protection film, reflective film, canvas cloth, flex banner and other outdoor materials.

Home Decoration: Artwork reproduction, oil painting printing, wall painting printing, textile wall covering printing, wallpaper printing, etc.

Interior Decoration: Upholstered leather, sofa furniture,decorative wood, etc.

Automotive interior: Car seat, foot pad, interior decoration, steering wheel, etc.

Digital Printing: Short board printing, coated paper digital printing, gold and silver cardboard printing, plane printing bronzing process, etc.

Special Materials: Materials that cannot be printed well by other methods, such as: tyvek paper, boat canvas, navy paper, dark PU, garment leather, metal sheet, etc.

Features and Advantages of JETALL® Water-based Wallpaper Printing Ink

Coating Is not Needed Before Printing

Heating Is not Needed During Printing

Wallpaper Printing Solution

JETALL® Water Based Eco-friendly Pigment Ink for Wallpaper and Wall Covering Cloth Printing

JETALL® series water-based environmentally friendly latex inks meet the international VOC emission requirements, meeting the printing requirements of various materials, and it also takes into account the safety of the production environment and product application environment.

The water-based wallpaper printing ink does not have the pungent smell of UV ink, nor the corrosiveness of weak solvent ink, so the printed products are odorless, non-corrosive, and non-volatile, meeting the needs of environmental protection.

Advantages of JETALL® Textile Wall Covering Fabric Printing Solution:

* Water-based environmental protection production process

* Water-based Nano Pigment System

* Material type for printing is not unlimited

* Direct printing on uncoated materials or outdoor coated materials

* Meet the needs of more application scenarios.

HongJet® Eco-friendly Latex Ink Wallpaper Printing Solution

* Our HongJet® latex ink printing solution uses unique OP ink, combined with special color and white inks, adapts to more materials, and can print on uncoated medias.

* The printing area does not need to be heated or radiated to dry, which better protects the safety of materials and print heads.

Wallpaper Printing Solution

Printing Samples of Wall Covering Fabric Printing Solution
Wallpaper Printing Solution
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