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Inkjet Ink for Engraver
    • Registered trademark: HONGSAM®
    • Color: K
    • Company type: Manufacturer
    • Package: 200ml, 500g, 1000g, 5kg, 20kg
    • Applicable models: rotary screen and flat screen making machines, such as ZUND, FXPW, DOSUN inkjet screen making machines, etc.
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Introduction to Inkjet Ink for Engraver

Brief Introduction: Hongsam inkjet screen ink is an inkjet screen dye ink, which is suitable for rotary screen and flat screen machines, such as ZUND, FXPW, DOSUN inkjet screen machines, etc.

Application: Textile inkjet engraver is an important breakthrough in technology after laser engraver and wax spray engraver. It is the technology with development and innovation on the basis of inkjet printer

It can overcome the bad register and other difficult problems. The technology can also improve the production efficiency and decrease the cost which is called the third generation of digital engraver. Meanwhile the pattern design improves the quality and level of the products. The application of inkjet engraver meets the requests of environmental friendly, energy conservation and water conservation.

Printing Process Flow: Glue on the mesh surface--low temperature drying--printing--exposure--high temperature drying--cleaning with water--the hollowed out finish product

Advantages of Inkjet Ink for Engraver

1. The inkjet screen ink dries quickly on the medium, with high stability, no bleeding, which effectively helps users shorten the production cycle.

2. The ink is developed with good fluency, suitable for continuous printing.

3. The inkjet ink for engraver is with high blackness and good light blocking performance, so finished products are with clear edges and round ink dots. 

4. Finished product of the ink is with high exposure precision, easy to develop.

5. The rotary screen ink is with moderate viscosity and tension, suitable for inkjet printing for engraver.

6. The inkjet screen printing ink is with good adhesion performance, the pattern will not blur.

7. The rotary screen ink is applicable to various printers with piezoelectric nozzle such as EPSON, ROLAND, MIMAKI, MUTOH, etc.

8. Hongsam inkjet flat screen ink for engraver is water-based ink, green and environmental protection. 

Precautions and Considerations

Precautions for Storage

Please store at room temperature.

Please keep out of direct sunlight.

Please use it within the shelf life.

Other Considerations

Please keep out of the reach of children.

Do not drink, do not drop into the eyes.

Product pictures are taken in kind, for reference only, if you have any questions, please consult customer service.

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