Water-based Nano Pigment Ink
Pigment Ink for Canon and HP Printer
    • ▪ Stable ink system, protecting nozzles
    • ▪ Good compatibility with original inks of TM200, PRO2000, etc., no need to wash pipe before using
    • ▪ Nano-scale resin wrapping technology, excellent gloss and fastness
    • ▪ Good fluency, excellent continuous printing performance, saving ink
    • ▪ Complete color range, bright colors, wide color gamut
    • ▪ Waterproof, scratch-proof, light-fast, UV-resistant, and will not fade for 75-100 years under indoor storage
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Introduction to Nano Pigment Ink for Canon Printer and HP Printer

Colors for Canon Pigment Ink: C/M/Y/BK/MBK/GY/PGY/PC/PM/R/G/B/CO/FP/V/OR
Colors for HP Pigment Ink: C/M/Y/K/MK/GY/LG/LC/LM/R/GN/B/E

Colors for Epson Pigment Ink: C/M/Y/BK/MBK/GY/PGY/PC/PM/R/G/B/CO/FP/V/OR

Applicable printhead models: Suitable for CANON iPF series 5-color, 6-color, 8-color, 12-color, etc. such as TM200, PRO2000, and HP series printers.

Applicable industries: Suitable for digital printing in photo and images, advertising, OA office, artwork reproduction and other fields.

pigment ink for Canon

Hongsam New Generation Compatible Water-based Canon Pigment Ink
1. It still inherits the characteristics of the last generation water-based pigment ink for Canon: completely water-based and environmentally friendly, non-toxic, harmless, non-corrosive, and non-irritating odor.
2. The scratch resistance, air resistance, and light resistance of the Canon water-based pigment ink have been comprehensively improved. The printed works can be stored indoors for 75-100 years without fading.
3. The color gamut of magenta ink has been expanded, and the black density of black ink has also increased.
4. Hongsam new generation water-based compatible Canon pigment inks for are more realistic and natural when outputting the gray of the human face, and the improvement of the gray ink makes the transition more delicate. Good compatible ink can restore the real picture effect, and endows the work with realistic and natural quality and rich and delicate layered performance.

Application of Nano Pigment Ink for HP and Canon Printer:

1. Photo studio: wedding pictures, children's photos, group photos, ID photos, family photos.
2. Surveying and mapping: printing various drawings such as maps, blueprints, line drawings, etc. Cloth maps printed with our pigment ink are waterproof and easy to carry.
3. Decorative painting: reproduction of artworks, reproduction of cultural and historical materials, home decoration painting.
4. Advertising: indoor and outdoor photos, light boxes, banners and flags.
5. Medical: printing medical film.

* Hongsam first generation Nano water-based pigment ink was launched in 2003.

* Hongsam Digital supplies water-based pigment printing inks for Epson, CANON, HP, ROLAND, MUTOH, MIMAKI, etc.

pigment ink for HP

Advantages of Hongsam Nano Pigment Ink for Canon and HP Printer

1. Hongsam Digital launched the first generation of Nano water-based pigment ink in 2003 - the earliest in China.
2. Hongsam new generation water-based Canon pigment inks enjoy 18 years of technology accumulation and famous pigment ink brand, with extensive and good application experience from customers, and good reputation.
3. Hongsam new generation compatible water-based Canon pigment inks are made of high-quality raw materials, so the ink system is stable, and can protect the print head; the printheads can be quickly restored to the ideal state even after a long shutdown.
4. Hongsam new generation water-based printing inks for Canon printer such as TM200, PRO2000 are made by Nanoscale resin encapsulation technology, with excellent glossiness and fastness.
5. Hongsam pigment inks special for Canon printer are with good fluency, excellent continuous printing performance, saving inks.
6. Hongsam digital printing pigment inks special for Canon TM200 and Canon PRO2000 are with complete color series, bright colors, wide color gamut, etc.
7. Finished product of Hongsam pigment inks for HP printer is with excellent waterproof performance, anti-scratch performance, light resistance and anti-ultraviolet performance. The printed works can be stored indoors for 75-100 years without fading.
8. Hongsam unique charcoal black pigment ink has good printing effect on artwork reproduction.

Supporting Auxiliary Products:

* Ink guide fluid

* Transport fluid,

* Protection fluid

* Cleaning doctor

* Clearing agent-6

Canon Pigment Ink

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