Textile Pigment Inks
Soft Hand-feeling DTF Ink
    • * Water-based DTF ink, no polution
    • * Shin and tough pattern, with permeability;
    • * The printed fabric pattern feels soft and comfortable, and does not affect the original feel of the fabric
    • * No powder DTF ink has good extensibility, high color fastness, washable friction resistance
    • * The direct to film ink can be printed on textile fabric, leather coil, metal, wood, glass, ceramic, etc.
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Introduction to Soft Hand-feeling DTF Ink

Registered trademark: JETTEXTILE®

Available colors: C/M/Y/K/LC/LM/FY
Applicable printhead models: JETTEXTILE® film transfer pigment DTF ink is suitable for Epson I3200.
Application: JETTEXTILE® DTF pigment ink is used for partial or full heat transfer printing on T-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts and other cut pieces, ready-made garments, and various textile finished products.

Printing Medias: cotton, polyester, leather, jeans, etc.
Auxiliary products: Transfer film, HongJet no powder DTF Printing Solution, supporting additives, etc.

* Finished products have better air permeability, softer hand feeling, better color performance, etc.

Printing Process of No Powder DTF Printing Solution: Computer Design → Printing on Film → Heat Transfer

* Our no powder DTF printing solution doesn't need the step of shaking powder, so it's harmless to human body of operators.

INK solutions for No Powder DTF Printer: CMYK --- White --- OP

Advantages of HongJet® Powderless DTF Printing Solution:

Digital customization: digital heat transfer technology is adopted, no need for plate making, no engraving, short process, personalized customization, ready to take.

Environmental protection and safety: water-based environmental protection heat transfer ink, colorful and non-fading, no pollution in the production process, and product safety is guaranteed.

Unique features: Self-developed CO ink and printing solution, so the design, printing and hot stamping can be completed at one time without powdering, saving process and material costs.

Restore the authenticity: It can be hot stamped on all kinds of fabrics, leather, and coiled materials without affecting the texture and feel of the original materials.

Color fastness: Printed patterns have high color fastness, wear resistance, folding resistance, good air permeability, high weather resistance and hydrolysis resistance.

Reasonable structure: The main printer and dryer of the solution are light and handy, compact in structure, and save floor space.

Intelligent drying: intelligent temperature control hot air circulation system, effective use of heat circulation, reduce power consumption, and save power consumption.

Intelligent purification: standard patented smoke exhaust system, effectively remove internal moisture, ensure drying effect, small size, low noise.

Printing Samples of No Powder DTF Printer

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