T-shirt Printing Solution
Project Background

DTF T-shirt printing solution: also called as direct to film printing, firstly printing on film, and then transfer the pattern to different fabric materials (cotton, polyester, jeans, blends, leather). Hongsam offers different DTF printers, DTF ink, film, and powder.

DTG T-shirt printing solution: This is directly printing on cotton tshirts. Hongsam offers DTG printer, DTG ink, and treatment liquid.

No powder DTF T-shirt printing solution: direct to film printing without powder and powder shaker, healthy to human body and environment. Hongsam offers no powderr DTF printer, and no powder DTF ink, film, etc.

Sublimation T-shirt printing solution: firstly printing on transfer paper, and then transfer the pattern to fabric. Hongsam offers sublimation inks and sublimation printers.

DTF T-shirt Printing Solution
Registered trademark: JETTEXTILE®
Certification: OEKO-TEX
Colors: C/M/Y/K/LC/LM/FY/W

Auxiliary products: DTF pigment ink transfer film, hot melt adhesive powder (PA, PUD), supporting ink guide liquid, cleaning liquid, print heads protection liquid.

Printing Process:
Printing PET film---drying---powdering---drying (drying and melting)---shaking powder---transfer printing (heat press 15s at 150-160℃)---PET film peeling---finished product


DTG T-shirt Printing Solution
Registered trademark: JETTEXTILE®


Printing Process of DTG T-shirt Printing: Pre-treatment---drying---digital printing---color fixing---(post-treatment)

DTG printing is a technology that directly prints on clothes, and its full name is Direct-to-Garment printing. It uses a digital inkjet machine to print images directly onto clothing, which can achieve complex and colorful patterns, and can be applied to various fiber materials.

* DTG can realize highly customized printing, and can produce various patterns in a short time according to individual needs.
* The printing effect of HONGSAM DTG printing ink is very delicate, and can present complex colors and details.
* There is no problem of color cascading during DTG printing, and the resolution of the pattern is higher.
* DTG is widely used in clothing customization, brand promotion and gift making and other fields.

DTG T-shirt Printing

No Powder DTF T-shirt Printing Solution

* HongJet® no powder DTF T-shirt printing solution doesn't need the step of shaking powder, so it's harmless to human body of operators.

* No powder DTF printing solution has multi-industry application, such as clothing, leather and other industries.

INK solutions for No Powder DTF Printer: CMYK --- White --- OP

Technical Advantages of No Powder DTF Printer:
* No powder DTF printing solution, environmental friendly.
* Very short working process, no powder dusting & melting, high efficient printing solution.
* Finished products have better air permeability, softer hand feeling, better color performance, etc.
* The no powder DTF printing machine is suitable for printing many kinds of different fabrics.

Printing Process of HongJet®No Powder DTF Printing Solution: Computer Design → Printing on Film → Heat Transfer

No Powder DTF T-shirt Printing Solution

Sublimation T-shirt Printing Solution

Step 1 Drawing and retouching on computer.

Step 2 Print the image directly on thermal transfer paper through a digital printing machine.
Step 3 Match the transfer paper to the roller ironing machine, ironing machine temperature is 205-210°C and the transfer time is 30-45s.
Step 4 Make clothes or other finished product.

Product Name


Suitable Printheads

Auxiliary Agents

Ordinary sublimation ink








A: Cleaning doctor

B: Printheads protection liquid

C: Ink guide liquid

D: Disperse ink cleanout fluid

High sunlight resistance sublimation ink


High transference resistance sublimation ink


Sublimation T-shirt Printing

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