High Light Fastness Dye Ink
Dye Ink for Epson Canon HP Printer
    • * More light-resistant, more ozone-resistant, and longer storage time
    • * More accurate, purer and more saturated color
    • * More stable and safer
    • * More environmentally friendly water-based ink
    • * Complete color range, bright colors, wide color gamut

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Introduction to High Light Fastness Dye Ink for Epson Canon HP Printer

Registered trademark: EverNew®

Colors for Epson: C/M/Y/PK/LK/LLK/LC/LM/OR/G/DGY/GY/LGY

Colors for Canon: C/M/Y/BK/MBK/GY/PGY/PC/PM/R/G/B/CO

Colors for HP: C/M/Y/K/MK/GY/LG/LC/LM/R/GN/B/E

Printing medias: photo paper, Advertisement paper, ordinary carbon paper, business card paper, color spray coated paper, gold and silver white cardboard, etc.

Pigment inks for Epson, pigment inks for Canon, pigment inks for HP are also available.

dye ink for Epson

Advantages of High Sunlight Resistance Dye Ink for Epson Canon HP Printer

1. More Light-resistant, More Ozone-resistant, and Longer Storage Time

The water-based dye ink for Epson printer has been greatly improved on light-fastness level (M, PM/LM) of red gamut, so that the red and orange are more light-resistant, with a wider color gamut and higher saturation. For professional photos, color balance is maintained after color attenuation.

2. More Accurate, Purer, and Higher in Saturation

The water-based dye ink for Canon printer is made of imported high-quality raw materials, with strong coloring power and bright and pure color. Especially the excellent red color makes the printed portrait more transparent, more three-dimensional and vivid!

3. More Stable and Safer

The water-based dye ink for HP printer is filtered by three-stages closed filtration, so that the diameter of the particles is only 1/60 of the nozzle aperture. 

The water-based digital dye ink can do smooth printing, suitable for continuous printing, with no splashing, no oblique spraying.

The PH value of the ink is neutral and slightly alkaline, with no corrosion to print head, prolonging the life of the print head.

4. More Environmentally Friendly Water-based Dye Ink

The dye ink for Epson Canon HP printers is completely water-based and environmentally friendly, and directly inkjet printed on photo paper to form images without any pollution.

The ink has undergone strict testing procedures, so the quality of each batch and each bottle of ink delivered to the user is consistent, completely green and environmentally friendly.

Hongsam Digital cooperates with distributors to provide users with high-quality after-sales service to ensure that users can use EverNew® high light-fast water-based dye ink more at ease.

dye ink for HP

Normal Dye Ink VS EverNew® Light-fast Dye Ink

Common features of dye ink: high saturation, wide color gamut, high safety for printheads. In particular, the bright colors of photos, smooth printing, and low cost have made dye inks widely used in the digital printing industry.

Ordinary dye ink: low cost and poor chemical stability, easily affected by air and light, causing colors to migrate on the print media. The color density and sharpness of the image decrease as the dye diffuses with the water. On the other hand, the light fastness of ordinary dye ink is also poor. The ordinary dyes exist as single molecules or small aggregates on the paper, which are easily damaged by ultraviolet rays, ozone and other factors and lose their color, making the photo quickly pale or completely pale.

EverNew® light-fast dye ink: not only take into account the advantages of dye inks: bright colors, strong color reproduction, stability, good storability, low cost, good ink fluency, etc.; but also made a huge breakthrough in the light fastness, making the dye molecules that are easily damaged by ultraviolet rays, ozone and other factors more stable, and the color lasts forever. Lightfast water-based dye ink is more lightfast and ozone resistant than ordinary dye ink, and has a longer storage time!

Advantages of Hongsam EverNew® Light-fast Digital Printing Dye Ink:

1. Adopting raw materials, the ink drops are smooth and uniform, and the quality is stable.

2. EverNew high light fastness water based dye ink greatly enhances light resistance level of red system, so that red and orange parts are more light-resistant and have wide color gamut.

3. Printing professional images can still maintain the relative balance after color decay, so that printed portrait is more three-dimensional, more lively.

4. High ink saturation, pure color, wide color gamut.

5. Strong tinting strength, bright and pure color, no crystalline substances after long time use.

6. Using high light fastness dyes and auxiliaries, chemical reaction of pigments is slow under illumination, prolonging light fastness of pattern, and super-strong UV resistance is 5-10 times than ordinary dye ink.

7. Good fluency, fine particles, protect the printhead, efficient and safe.

8. High image definition, the ink has suitable permeability, dryness and moisture retention, high sharpness of the edges of the image, and neat lines.

dye ink for HP

Development of EverNew® High Light Fastness Dye Ink

● With the rapid development of digital imaging technology in recent years, consumers have higher and higher requirements on the output quality of images. The launch of EverNew® high light-fast water-based dye ink better caters to the actual needs of the digital image industry: the image color is truly restored, the color saturation is high, the tone level is more three-dimensional, and the retention time of images is longer. At the same time, EverNew® water-based dye ink also meets the requirements of advertising, light boxes, decoration, medical imaging and other industries that have high requirements on light resistance.

In July 2014, Hongsam Digital launched EverNew® water-based high light-fast dye ink after gathering strong inkjet ink research and development capabilities based on more than ten years of experience in serving the imaging industry, and many times of experimental improvements. In July 2015, EverNew® water-based high light resistance dye ink successfully passed the large-scale practical application test of a variety of CANON/EPSON series printers. Up to now, EverNew® water-based high sunlight resistance dye ink has occupied more than 50% of the domestic market, and sold well around the world.

From the beginning of research and development of EverNew® water-based dye ink, the light fastness, color saturation, fluency and nozzle safety of the ink are the top priorities of the research and development, and the pure color of each dye molecule is brought into play.

EverNew® high light-fast water-based dye ink is made of high lightfast dyes and additives to slow down the chemical reaction of the dye in the ink under light, thereby greatly improving the light-fastness and preservation time of the printed image, and under the same conditions, the light resistance of our ink is 5-10 times that of ordinary dye ink.

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