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Digital Pigment Ink for Offset Paper Printing
    • Registered trademark: HONGSAM®
    • Colors: C/M/Y/K/R/G/B/OR
    • Suitable Printheads: Kyocera, Epson, Ricoh, Samba, and other high-speed industrial piezoelectric print heads.
    • Application: Hongsam offset paper printing pigment ink is used for printing offset paper, digital paper, newsprint, carbon-free carbon paper, rice paper, wallpaper and other paper.
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Introduction to Offset Paper Printing Ink
* After long-term market follow-up, research and development, Hongsam Digital launched special pigment ink for printing offset paper in 2020.
* As an important medium for POD printing, offset paper has good ink adaptability compared with traditional offset printing process. However, ordinary digital inkjet inks can’t get a good performance on offset paper, and it is prone to problems such as white spots, burrs, backlighting, poor color performance, and poor long-term continuous printing performance. After long-term market follow-up, research and development, Hongsam Digital launched high-speed inkjet printing pigment inks for offset paper in 2020, which solved the above problems in actual market applications.
Advantages of Offset Paper Printing Pigment Ink
1.Hongsam offset paper printing ink is made of top grade pigments, with average particle size ≤200nm (D90).
2.Hongsam offset paper pigment ink is with super high black density, bright colors, wide color gamut, etc.
3.Hongsam special pigment ink for offset paper has excellent waterproof performance and good weather resistance.
4.Hongsam water-based offset paper pigment ink has high stability and safety, and excellent continuous printing performance.
5.Hongsam offset paper pigment ink protects print heads of printers, suitable for high-speed continuous printing.

offset paper printing ink

Application of Offset Paper Printing Ink

Hongsam offset paper pigment ink has a wide range of adaptability and can be used for printing offset paper, digital paper, newsprint, carbonless copy paper, rice paper, wallpaper, etc.

Product Name

Available Colors

Applicable Print Heads

Inks special for Epson printheads

K C M Y R are available, G, B,OR, etc. can be customized.

Epson i3200, S3200, etc.

Inks special for industrial printheads

Kyocera, Ricoh, Samba and other high-speed industrial piezo printing heads

Development Prospect of Pigment Ink for Offset Paper Printing
* Key printing areas of offset printing includes newspapers and magazines, textbooks, books, packaging and decoration, advertising and so on. Offset printing is timely, high-volume, low-cost printing, and occupies a dominant position in printing industry. In the contemporary era of the rise of digital printing, inkjet printing, and direct-to-plate printing, offset printing continues to use the scientific and technological achievements and make digital innovation. The technological content of offset paper printing is continuously improving, the production efficiency of offset paper printing has been continuously improved, and the printing quality has been refined, and new progress has been made in improving automation, digitization, and standardization. Today, offset paper printing can integrate the pre-printing, printing, post-printing and management, and the entire printing process is digitized and automatic.
* The digitization of offset paper printing equipment changes the original manual operation into computer operation. Therefore, the offset paper printing machine is now a real digital printing machine, and a personalized, variable, and short-run printing equipment.
Hongsam Digital is professional offset paper printing ink manufacturer. For any questions, please feel free to leave us a message, thank you.
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