Textile Pigment Inks
Direct to Garment Printing Ink
    • Registered trademark: JETTEXTILE®
    • Certificates: OEKO-TEX, REACH SVHC, SGS
    • Colors: C/M/Y/K/OR/R/G/B/V/VM/GY/LC/LM/W/FM/FY/FG/FO/W
    • Applicable printhead models:

    • DTG ink is suitable for EPSON micro piezoelectric printheads: 707, 707H, 708C, TP133, TP135, TP2000W SP860, etc.

    • Direct to Garment ink is also suitable for industrial printheads: KM slitting machine, Seiko slitting machine, Ricoh G5 and G6 slitting machine, Starfire slitting machine, Starfire SP860, Epson S3200-A3, TP4000W.

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Printing Video of DTG Inks
Brief Introduction to DTG Printing Ink

Brief Introduction of DTG Ink:

DTG printing is a technology that directly prints on clothes, and its full name is Direct-to-Garment printing. It uses a digital inkjet printing machine and direct to garment inks to print images directly onto clothing, which can achieve complex and colorful patterns, and can be applied to various fiber materials.

Printing Process of Direct to Garment Printing Ink:

Pre-treatment---drying---digital printing---color fixing---(post-treatment)

DTG process

Advantages of Hongsam DTG Ink:

▪ Hongsam DTG pigment ink enjoys Patented formula with independent intellectual property rights;

▪ Uniform dispersion, not easy to precipitate, stable quality, smooth printing;

▪ Hongsam JETTEXTILE® UltraWhite DTG ink has the characteristics of supporting both dry and wet beating;

▪ Bright colors and complete color spectrum;

▪ Passed the testing and certification of international testing agencies, in line with international environmental protection standards;

▪ All fastness indicators meet the requirements of international textile fastness standards;

▪ No need for steaming and washing, short technological process, environmental protection and energy saving.

Hongsam DTG ink

DTG Printing Technology

1. DTG printing can realize highly customized printing, and can produce various patterns in a short time according to individual needs.

2. The printing effect of DTG is very delicate, and can present complex colors and details.

3. There is no problem of color cascading during DTG printing, and the resolution of the pattern is higher.

4. There is no minimum print quantity, suitable for small order.

5. DTG printing is widely used in clothing customization, brand promotion and gift making and other fields.

Hongsam White DTG Ink

1. Uniform dispersion, not easy to precipitate, stable quality, smooth printing.

2. JETTEXTILE® Ultra White DTG ink belongs to textile pigment ink, supports dry and wet printing.

3. High coverage whiteness, good stretch and ductility, soft hand feeling.

DTG Printing Principle

1: Prepare Clothes and Image

Before DTG printing, clothing and images need to be prepared in advance. Clothes need to be pre-treated, including removing wrinkles, aligning clothes, etc. At the same time, the image needs to be adjusted and prepared by computer software, and imported into the digital inkjet machine for printing.

2: Ink Jetting

Digital inkjet machines use nozzles inside the printhead to jet ink on clothes at high speed. These nozzles are arranged in a row, and each nozzle is responsible for a specific ink color (red, green, blue, black, etc.). Ink is ejected through electronically controlled nozzles to form a pattern.

3: Ink Penetration

The printed pattern will directly penetrate into the fibers of the clothing. The pigment molecules in the pigment DTG ink are combined with the fibers through mechanisms such as liquid mechanics and chemical adsorption, so that the pattern is firmly attached to the clothing and is not easy to fade.

4: Drying and Curing

In order to better fix the direct to garment printing ink on the fibers, it is necessary to dry the clothes. Drying can speed up the curing speed of the T-shirt printing ink, making the pattern more stable and durable.

5: Complete the DTG Printing

After drying, the pattern printed by DTG printing technology is completed. The pattern can achieve very fine resolution and color reproduction, and can express more rich and vivid effects.

Summarize of DTG Printing Technology

DTG printing is a technology that directly prints on clothing, with highly customized, delicate and rich pattern effects. It sprays the color DTG ink directly onto the clothes through an inkjet machine, and goes through the steps of ink penetration, drying and curing to complete the final printing effect. The development of direct to garment printing technology provides more possibilities for creation and innovation in fields such as clothing customization and brand promotion.

DTG printing ink

Supporting Additives of DTG Ink

* Pretreatment liquid for textile pigment ink when printing light-colored fabrics 9#A/PP-01/PP-03

* Pretreatment liquid for textile pigment ink when printing dark fabrics PP-05/PP-08 (matched with white ink)

* Post-treatment color fixing agent PA-03/PA-04

* Ink guide fluid

* Cleaning fluid

* Nozzle protection fluid

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