Disperse Dye Inks
DTF® Washing-free Direct-printing Disperse Ink

    Registered trademark: HOTME®

    Available colors: C/M/Y/K/FM/FY/BLANK

    Applicable print head models: EPSON, SEIKO, KYOCERA, RICOH, KM, STARFIRE, etc.

    Application: HOTME® DTF® washing-free disperse ink is suitable for direct digital printing of polyester fabrics with general requirements, such as polyester carpets, flag fabrics, and clothing fabrics.

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Introduction to DTF® Washing-free Direct-printing Disperse Ink

High dry and wet fastness: For material that are not resistant to high temperature, it can achieve good dry and wet rubbing fastness under the same color development conditions if using HOTME® DTF® washing-free direct printing disperse ink.

Good permeability: Especially for carpet digital printing.

Supporting additives: Pretreatment agent DP-03/DP-04 for disperse dye ink direct digital printing.

Qualification of HOTME® Disperse Dye Ink

1. Hongsam Digital is the patent holder of China's disperse dye ink and production process, with independent intellectual property rights.

2. Hongsam Digital is the first drafting unit of industry standard of China's light industry: Part 2 of Textile Printing and Dyeing Inkjet "Disperse Dye Ink".

3. In 2013, HOTME® disperse dye ink was successfully selected into the "Seventh Batch of Recommended Catalog of Advanced Technologies for Energy Saving and Emission Reduction in China's Printing and Dyeing Industry".

4. HOTME® disperse dye ink passed the authoritative certification of ECO-PASSPORT (environmental protection pass) by OEKO-TEX in Switzerland.

Carpets Printing Solutions with Disperse Inks

Disperse Ink Direct Printing

Washing or Not?


Color Development

Low temperature disperse ink




Modified polyester

160-180℃, 6-8min

DTF® (Direct to Fabric) disperse ink


130-150,  10-15min

high sunlight fastness disperse ink



160-180℃, 6-8min

Print Medias

Carpet Printing Solutions


Applicable Fabrics

Available Colors


Disperse inks

High penetration

Polyester cut pile, uncut pile, non-woven carpet, flannel, etc.



High sunlight fastness disperse inks

High sunlight fastness

Polyester cut pile, uncut pile, non-woven carpet, flannel, etc.



High-temperature disperse inks

High migration fastness

Polyester, flannel and other plush fabrics


Development Prospect of DTF® Washing-free Disperse Ink

The textile printing and dyeing industry produces about 200 million tons of waste water every year, accounting for 17%-20% of the world's total industrial waste water. The textile printing and dyeing industry is one of the largest water users, and the wastewater discharged during the production process is seriously harmful to the receiving water body. Printing and dyeing wastewater is characterized by complex components, high organic content, deep color, high chemical oxygen demand, and relatively low biochemical oxygen demand, poor biodegradability, and large discharge. The wastewater problem has become a major obstacle to the sustainable development of the textile industry.

Today, with the enhancement of people's awareness of environmental protection, energy saving and emission reduction and environmental protection are becoming more and more important. Therefore, the textile printing and dyeing industries have begun to pay attention to the water consumption and wastewater discharge in printing and dyeing processing, and gradually shift the development focus of future printing and dyeing technology to washing-free fabric dyeing.

At present, post-treatment methods are generally used in the industry to remove harmful substances in wastewater. Common methods include physical methods, chemical oxidation methods, and biological methods. However, these post-processing methods still have various problems, such as high energy consumption, low efficiency, poor stability, and generation of by-products. Therefore, it is of great significance to reduce the generation of front-end wastewater to realize polyester dyeing with less water and no washing.

Hongsam Digital developed DTF® Washing-free Disperse Direct-printing Ink and registered trademark HOTME® for the ink. For more details, please feel free to leave a message to us, thank you very much.

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