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Digital Printing Ink for Coated Paper
    • Registered trademark: HONGSAM®
    • Colors: C/M/Y/K/R/G/B/LC/LM/LK/LLK
    • Company type: Manufacturer
    • Applicable models: Kyocera, Epson, Ricoh, Samba, etc.
    • Application: Hongsam coated paper printing pigment ink is suitable for printing book covers, magazines, instruction manuals, calendars, menus, etc.
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Introduction to Digital Pigment Ink for Coated Paper

Categories of Coated Paper Printing Inks:
A: Coated paper printing ink for medium and low speed printing.
B: Coated paper printing pigment ink for high-speed printing, matched with special coating liquid.

Advantages of Coated Paper Printing Inks
1.Hongsam coated paper printing ink is water-based Nano pigment ink, green and environmentally friendly, meets various stringent safety and environmental protection requirements.
2.The coated paper pigment ink is made of optimized raw materials, with high stability.
3.The color of finished products is vivid, while the image is smooth and delicate, with high saturation and high color reproduction.
4.Hongsam coated paper printing ink is with good fluency, excellent continuous printing performance, meeting the requirements of industrial production.
5.Finished products are waterproof, sunscreen, scratch resistance, excellent fastness, etc.
6.The coated paper printing ink is made by unique formula, which can not only be dried quickly on a wide range of medias, but also keep the printhead fully wet when the printer is in standby.
7.The coated paper printing ink protects printheads, and the printheads can be quickly restored to the best state even after a long shutdown.

coated paper printing ink

Development Prospect of Digital Printing Ink for Coated Paper
* Coated paper is one of the main papers used in printing factories. Coated paper is a common name, and its official name should be printing coated paper. It is widely used in real life. The beautiful wall calendars, posters sold in bookstores, book covers, illustrations, art books, picture albums, etc. are almost all made of coated paper; most of exquisitely decorated packaging, paper handbags, stickers , trademarks, etc. are also coated paper.
* With the accelerated development of the information age, the application of digital printing technology continues to popularize, and the number of coated paper used in digital printing is also increasing. In addition, especially, the number of coated paper used in books, picture albums and other fields is greatly expanding. There is also a great demand in the advertising printing market. Nowadays, traditional printing still occupies a large market share, therefore, the market demand of the coated paper continues to expand.
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