Textile Pigment Inks
White DTG Printing Ink
    • Registered trademark: JETTEXTILE®
    • Certification: OEKO-TEX
    • Color: W
    • Applicable printhead models: Epson, Ricoh, Seiko, KM, Kyocera, Starfire, Hong-jet DTF printer, etc.
    • ● TP2000, low viscosity, suitable for EPSON and other printheads
    • ● TP4000, high viscosity, suitable for Starfire, Ricoh and other industrial printheads
    • Application: White DTG ink is suitable for pretreatment for printing dark fabrics such as cotton, polyester/cotton blended, etc.

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Printing Video of DTG Inks
Introduction to White DTG Ink

Hongsam DTG white ink is suitable for pretreatment for printing dark fabrics such as cotton, polyester/cotton blended, and other dark fabrics.
Process Flow of DTG Printing:
Pretreatment→white ink digital printing→color ink digital printing→pre-drying→color fixation (160℃, 2—3min)→finished product
Supporting Additives for White Direct to Garment Ink:
* Pretreatment liquid for textile pigment ink when printing dark fabrics PP-05/PP-08 (matched with white ink)
* Post-treatment color fixing agent PA-03/PA-04
* Ink guide fluid
* Cleaning fluid
* Nozzle protection fluid

DTG white ink

Qualification of Hongsam White DTG Ink

1. Hongsam textile pigment while ink passed the detection of 201 items of SVHC in EU REACH regulations.

2. Hongsam white textile ink owns national invention patent and independent intellectual property rights.

2. The ink was successfully selected into the Catalogs of the 10th Lot for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Issued by China's Printing and Dyeing Industry.

3. Hongsam Digital is the first drafting unit of the national standard for textile pigment ink.

4. The textile while ink is very environmentally friendly, passed the ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX®.

5. Hongsam Digital is the trademark holder of DTF®.

6. Hongsam Digital is the inventor of RCT™-Rapid Color Technology (no pre-processing and post-processing) printing and dyeing technology.

7. JETTEXTILE® Textile pigment Ink won the Silver Award of 2022 Excellent Patent of China National Textile and Apparel Council.

8. JETTEXTILE® Textile pigment Ink won the second prize of Science and Technology Progress Award of China National Textile and Apparel Council.

Advantages of Hongsam DTG White Ink

1. JETTEXTILE® UltraWhite white DTG ink is with high superior whiteness, smooth printing, good coverage, uniform dispersion, stable quality, good compatibility with color ink, protecting printheads, improving color saturation and vividness.

2. The tensile elongation rate exceeds 30%, high scratch resistant.

3. The finished product of Hongsam T-shirt printing white ink is soft and delicate hand feeling, and there is no cracking.

4. The washing fastness and dry rubbing fastness reach Level 4-5, and the wet rubbing fastness reaches Level 4, which reaches the international standard.

DTG white ink

Development of Hongsam JETTEXTILE® Textile Pigment Ink

Digital printing has the characteristics of low pollution, low energy consumption, high added value, short delivery times, and flexible production, and can realize small batches printing work. The sustainable development of digital printing is in line with the future development direction of the industry. Manufacturers who used to do traditional rotary screen printing, flat screen printing, and manual screen printing are transforming to digital printing business. The reasonable use of white ink in textile inkjet printing can not only endow the white semi-finished cloth with a unique printing effect, but also a necessary printing step for inkjet printing of dark semi-finished cloth.

For inkjet printing on cloth, the white DTG ink is optional according to customer requirements; for printing of cut pieces and garments, the white direct to garment ink is almost a standard configuration. All Hongsam textile pigment inks meet the EU textile environmental protection certification infant level standard (Oeko-tex Standard 100 class I), can be used in printing children's clothing, underwear and other products, and meet the export test requirements.

In November, 2006, Hongsam Digital launched the first generation of JETTEXTILE® Textile pigment white ink. In 2020, Hongsam Digital launched a new generation of JETTEXTILE® Textile pigment Ultra White ink, all physical and chemical indicators are in line with international market requirements.

textile pigment ink

Directions for Use

1. After opening, the textile white ink can be directly poured into ink cartridges to be used (the white pigment ink should be shaken before opening), any diluting or mixing is not needed.

2. When installing printer or replacing ink, please clean the pipeline of printer with matched ink guild liquid or textile pigment cleaning solution, and then clean the pipeline with pure water  before pouring inks.

3. Hongsam white textile ink should be used with matched pre-treatment liquid.


1. Hongsam textile white ink should be shaken before opening.

2. In order to prevent precipitation during printing, it is recommended that the white ink supply system be equipped with a continuous circulation device; insist on starting the machine every day to clean and print the test fabric, and cycle the ink pipeline every three days.

3. After the printer is loaded with white ink, please stop the machine after moisturizing the printhead when it is not printing.

4. Thoroughly clean the ink pipeline with pure water every 15 days.

5. Working environment: room temperature 20-25℃, humidity 40-80% RH, no dust.

6. It is strictly forbidden to drink this product, please place the ink out of reach of children.

7. It is strictly forbidden to mix with other types of ink.

8. The shelf life is 1 year in a closed and cool environment. It is recommended to use it within two months after opening.

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