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Corrugated Cardboard Printing Inks
    • Registered trademark: HONGSAM®
    • Colors of pigment ink for corrugated cardboard: C/M/Y/K/R/G/B
    • Colors of pigment ink for coated corrugated cardboard:C/M/Y/K
    • Colors of dye ink for corrugated cardboard: C/M/Y/K/R
    • Suitable papers: White card corrugated paper, yellow corrugated cardboard, kraft paper, coated corrugated packaging paper box
    • Suitable Printheads: Epson, StarFire, Kyocera, Rioch, etc.
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Printing Video of Corrugated Cardboard Printing Inks
Introduction to Corrugated Cardboard Printing Inks
* For water-based corrugated cardboard pigment ink: In addition to the basic four colors, PROCESS MAGENTA is also available, and we supply white pigment ink to increase the color performance.
* For water-based corrugated cardboard dye ink: In addition to the basic four colors, bright red ink is also available to achieve the high saturation color of yellow card corrugated card box.
* For special pigment ink for coating cartons: only the basic four colors are available.

* Hongsam Digital also supplies special sunscreen corrugated cardboard box dye ink and waterproof corrugated cardboard dye ink.

Printing Ink for Corrugated Paper

* Corrugated boxes can be divided into ordinary yellow corrugated cardboard, ordinary white corrugated cardboard, and coated corrugated cardboard box.

* For inkjet printing on corrugated boxes, we advise water-based corrugated cardboard pigment inks and water-based corrugated cardboard dye inks.

Product Name

Available Colors

Applicable Print Heads

Inks special for Epson printheads


Epson i3200, S3200, etc.

Inks special for industrial printheads


Starfire, Ricoh, Seiko, etc.

Advantages of Digital Printing Ink for Corrugated Cardboard Box
1. Hongsam corrugated cardboard pigment ink has good imaging effect, quick drying and ink saving, waterproof and scratch resistant.
2. Hongsam corrugated paper pigment ink and dye ink has excellent fluency, meeting the needs of high-speed printing.
3. Hongsam pigment ink and dye ink for corrugated cardboard are made by unique technology to reduce ink infiltration and form high-density and high-saturation patterns.
4. The image is smooth, delicate and vivid in color, it is often called fast drying corrugated paper ink.
5. We supply two kinds of digital printing inks for reference: water-based pigment ink and water-based dye ink.

* For different corrugated box printing inks, pre-treatment, post-treatment liquids and coating liquids can be equipped with, so as to achieve better colors and better waterproof effects.

Printing Ink for Corrugated Paper

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