Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth, a Inkjet Expert, Visited Hongsam Digital Industrial Park in 2011
Dec 15,2023
Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth, a Inkjet Expert, and Director and Senior Editor of FLAAR Reports, Visited Hongsam Digital Industrial Park

Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth is the director and senior editor of FLAAR Reports, and a world-renowned expert in the inkjet industry. In 2011, just after the Spring Festival, China grand traditional festival,  Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth took a special flight from the United States to Zhengzhou and visited Hongsam Digital Technology Park, the headquarters of Zhengzhou Hongsam Digital Science and Technology Co., Ltd. located in the Zhengzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone. Mr. Qin Guosheng, chairman of Hongsam Digital, accompanied Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth visiting Hongsam Digital Technology Park and discussed the development trends of the inkjet industry together with him.

The purpose of FLAAR Reports is: Nurturing the global market for large format digital imaging.

Hongsam Digital

Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth took photos at Hongsam Digital Technology Park.

Mr. Qin Guosheng, Chairman of Hongsam Digital, and Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth went into the factory. What came into view was the company's full name in Chinese and English and the corporate philosophy wall of "Science, Integrity, Transcendence, and Environmental Protection".

Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth gave a lecture on the latest applications and development trends in the global inkjet industry. The leaders of Hongsam Digital listened carefully to the excellent explanation by Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth.

Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth looked over the 2010 new issue of Hongsam Digital Enterprise Journal "Inkjet Times".

Mr. Qin Guosheng was giving a speech about the situation of Hongsam's partner "China Inkjet Network" to Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth. 

Mr. Qin Guosheng and Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth were chatting.

Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth visited the HTTC physical and chemical laboratory of Hongsam Digital.

Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth visited various department offices.

Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth visited Sample Showroom of Hongsam Digital.

Qin Guosheng presented gifts and took a group photo with Dr. Nicholas Hellmuth.

Hongsam Digital

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