Hongsam Digital launched Fire Safety Training
Oct 23,2023

In order to promote the concept of safe development and implement the responsibility for safe production, Hongsam Digital carried out fire safety training activities in head office. Headquarters staff of Hongsam Digital watched fire accident warning educational film to experience the importance of fire prevention in production.

Instructor Song from the Henan Fire Safety Education Center used courseware demonstrations, question-and-answer interactions and other methods to follow the principle of "Prevention First". Instructor Song teached the use of electricity and fire in units and households, fire disposal methods, and the use of fire extinguishers. Instructor Song warned employees to attach great importance to fire safety and proactively carry out fire safety work in their units and families through shocking pictures, videos, and real and thought-provoking cases.

Through the training, all employees of Hongsam Digital have a deep understanding of the importance and necessity of fire safety. Everyone improved their awareness of fire safety while also enhancing their awareness of fire safety.

We will take this event as an opportunity to further strengthen the fire safety management of company employees, strictly implement various fire protection regulations and systems, and actively carry out fire safety inspections and prevention work.

fire safety training

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