HONGSAM Held the Opening Ceremony of "Hongsam Digital Inkjet Technology Research Center"
Jan 09,2024

 Hongsam Digital Inkjet Technology Research Center

On November 19, 2011, HONGSAM officially held opening ceremony for Hongsam Digital Inkjet Technology Research Center. Hongsam Digital had always attached great importance to R&D work and had been increasing investment in this area. Today, Hongsam Digital Inkjet Technology Research Center was established. We are fortunate to have invited experts from well-known universities to participate in, which will definitely greatly strengthen the technology strength of Hongsam Digital.

At 10 a.m., the opening ceremony of Hongsam Digital Inkjet Technology Center officially began.

First of all, Mr. Qin Guosheng, Chairman of Zhengzhou Hongsam Digital Science and Technology Co., Ltd., expressed a warm welcome to the guests present at the opening ceremony. At the same time, he expressed the confidence and determination to continue to conduct in-depth research on related technologies in the inkjet industry. He believed that Hongsam is growing day by day. With the support of our R&D team, we will move forward more steadily and better.

Next, Professor Zhang Haoqin, the expert representative of Hongsam Digital Inkjet Technology Research Center, gave a speech. Professor Zhang fully affirmed HONGSAM’s efforts in the research and development of inkjet technology and stated that it will continue to promote industry-university-research cooperation between universities and enterprises. Therefore, the research results of universities can go out of the school as soon as possible, and provide services to the society.

Representatives of HONGSAM R&D team and participating experts unveiled the "Hongsam Digital Inkjet Technology Research Center".

At the end of the unveiling ceremony, the participating experts held a meeting with HONGSAM R&D team and conducted in-depth discussions on technical issues.

As HONGSAM is about to celebrate its tenth anniversary, the establishment of Hongsam Digital Inkjet Technology Research Center will undoubtedly greatly promote its inkjet technology research work, strengthen its research and development capabilities, and help Hongsam provide society with the better inkjet products, become a close partner of more enterprises in the inkjet industry, and make greater contributions to the prosperity and development of the inkjet industry.

 Hongsam Digital Inkjet Technology Research Center

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