Hongsam Digital Upgraded to the Innovation Layer in NEEQ
Oct 30,2023

Hongsam upgraded to the innovation layer in National Equities Exchange and Quotations, and will boldly forge ahead and keep moving.

--Review of the Work in the First Half of 2023 from Hongsam Digital

Welcome to visit the website of Hongsam Digital! The article would like to share with you the Dragon Boat Festival and the concept of "Boldly Forge Ahead" which is the theme of Hongsam Digital in 2023.

The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional festival in China. It was established to commemorate the great patriotic poet Qu Yuan. On the fifth day of May every year, people will eat zongzi, hang moxa, drink realgar wine, race dragon boats and so on. Among them, dragon boat racing is one of the most representative activities of the Dragon Boat Festival.

Dragon boat racing is one of the traditional Chinese folk races and it is originated in the fishing villages along the southern coast of China. Since then, dragon boat racing has become one of the important celebrations of the Dragon Boat Festival. In the dragon boat racing, the scullers need to row neatly with good teamwork, and row forward together to fight for the final victory. For participants, dragon boat racing is not only a sport competition, but also a way to experience traditional culture and feel team spirit.

At Hongsam Digital, we also place great emphasis on teamwork and endeavour. Therefore, we chose "Boldly Forge Ahead" as the company's theme for 2023. "Boldly Forge Ahead" means that everyone works together and keeps moving ahead, and wins the final victory. It is also a hope that the people in Hongsam Digital can firm direction, maintain team cooperation, always adhere to the core values of "Science, Honesty, Environment-friendly, Transcendency", and promote the environmental inkjet business to continue to move forward.

The theme of 2023 is "Boldly Forge Ahead", which means that hundreds of people are competing, Boldly Forge Ahead will be the first, rowing in the rapids of the river, and those who strive to paddle will be in the front. This immediately reminds us of the upcoming Dragon Boat Festival and dragon boat races. In dragon boat race, everyone on the boat does his or her own job, but everyone's goal is the same - courage and perseverance.

Looking back on the past, we can see that all departments in Hongsam are practicing the spirit of "Boldly Forge Ahead". The powerful and inspiring passion contained in this theme enables us to ride the waves in the fierce market competition. Outstanding faith and spirit drive us to climb new heights with strong will and full of enthusiasm.

In terms of market, Hongsam products maintain a high level of competitiveness and excellent market performance, which is thanks to the company's adherence to market orientation and innovation-driven. Hongsam marketing team adheres to the spirit of "Boldly Forge Ahead", diligently expands the market, takes customer as the center, to meet the needs of different customers. At the same time, Hongsam always regards technological innovation as an important driving force to promote market development, focuses on research and development and optimization of products, and improves product quality and competitiveness. In the case of increasingly fierce market competition, Hongsam constantly explores new market opportunities and business areas, actively expands domestic and foreign markets, and has achieved good performance and reputation.

After years of development and efforts, Hongsam Digital has gradually become the industry leader in the field of latex printing. Recently, at the FESPA exhibition, Hong-jet water-based environmental protection latex printing solution debuted in the European market, and competed with other international brands, which not only let us see the prospects for the development of international latex printing, but also gave us enough confidence in the application and promotion of domestic latex printing solution.

Compared with other brands, Hong-jet water-based environmentally friendly latex solutions have significant advantages in multi-media printing, printing effects and cost performance, and are welcomed by European customers. During the FESPA exhibition, a number of compititors came to Hongsam booth for technical exchange, and showed great interest and recognition on Hong-jet water-based latex printing solution.

Participated in Textile Industry for 22 Years with Continuous Product Optimization

Continuously increase research and development investment, through continuous technological innovation and product upgrades, Hongsam optimized the product structure to meet the needs of customers in the market segment, and won the favor of more users in the market. Especially the subdivision upgrade of Hongsam "JETTEXTILE®" textile pigment ink  won the praise of many customers, which is also reflected in the ITMA exhibition. At ITMA, green environmental protection and digital intelligent textile pigment printing solutions also attracted a lot of customers.

In the domestic exhibitions, we can also see that a lot of printer manufacturers use Hongsam ink to display printing effect of printers. Take Keqiao exhibition on April 11 as an example, 60% printer manufacturers use Hongsam "JETTEXTILE®" textile pigment ink to display printing effect of printers. High temperature dispersion direct injection equipment manufacturers are wrestling new areas, and high temperature dispersion direct injection is the latest business growth point  of digital printing field. 100% equipment manufacturers use Hongsam high temperature dispersion direct inkjet ink to display printing effect of printers.

Hongsam Digital Will Boldly Forge Ahead to Get Better Results

In the first half of the 2023, with accurate market positioning and efficient sales model, Hongsam Digital successfully got many new customers. Especially in the period from March to June, Hongsam Digital participated in at least 9 exhibitions, and got a very good response in these exhibitions. The success is inseparable from the contribution and hard work of everybody of Hongsam Digital.

Hongsam staff always maintain the mentality of struggle, and constantly strive to explore new market opportunities and customer resources. Because of their "vigorous" spirit, Hongsam Digital products and services have been widely recognized and appreciated, and customers are full of trust in Hongsam Digital.

Hongsam upgraded to the innovation layer in National Equities Exchange and Quotations, and will boldly forge ahead and keep moving

On June 14, 2023, Hongsam Digital successfully upgraded to the innovation layer in National Equities Exchange and Quotations, which is a jump since the listing of the NEEQ in 2014. From now Hongsam will enter a new stage of capital market development. At the same time, it is subject to stricter market supervision and has taken another step toward the threshold of public listing. In the era of rapid development of the digital wave, Hongsam Digital followed up the development trend of the industry, and achieved a compound annual growth rate of 30% in operating income from 2021 to 2022, and completed the issuance of the first single convertible bond on the new comprehensive registration system of the NEEQ in the first half of 2023, these two factors are the key supporting conditions for Hongsam Digital to upgrade to the innovation layer of NEEQ. This not only shows the vitality of digital inkjet printing in the manufacturing field, but also the best annotation of Hongsam Digital's adherence to pragmatic strategies and accumulation. This is an important milestone, but also a new starting point for development, and in the future, Hongsam will continue to explore and innovate, improve market competitiveness, and strive to grow into the most dazzling star in the field of digital inkjet.

Hongsam Digital Is Rooted in Making Good Products, and Feels Grateful for the Recognition of the Society

Hongsam Digital has always been loyal to creating high-quality products, and we are grateful that this loyalty has been recognized by the market and professional organizations in the industry. Recently, Hongsam Digital won the annual provincial title of “Professional, Extrative, Specialized and New”, which is not only a comprehensive affirmation of Hongsam's professional strength and innovation ability, but also an affirmation of our focus on improving product quality and innovation. This honor is not only a reward for us, but also a spur and promotion for our future development.

On June 18, 2023, Hongsam water-based environmentally friendly latex ink was selected into the "16th Batch Energy Saving and emission Reduction Advanced Technology Recommended Directory of China Printing and Dyeing Industry", which is a recognition of our environmental protection and energy saving concept and innovative technology. We will take this opportunity to pay more attention to the development of environmental protection and sustainable industries and promote the green process of the industry.

Thanks to the recognition and support of the market and the industry, which makes us more confident and motivated to continue to provide customers with high quality products and services, and adhere to our mission and values.

The spirit of Boldly Forging Ahead pushes us to work harder on the journey forward. We firmly believe that only constantly pursuing excellence and climbing the peak, can we constantly adapt to market changes and customer needs, and can we constantly maintain development and enhance core competitiveness. Let's move forward together and create a better future!

Best wisheds to people all over the world.

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