Hongsam Digital Launched No Powder DTF Printing Solution-The First in the World
Oct 17,2023

The thermal dye sublimation digital printing solution has promoted the popularization of digital printing on polyester fabrics, and provided ubiquitous short-process digital printing methods for various industries. However, the short-process digital printing technology of cotton fabrics and blended fabrics is always a difficult point recognized by the industry. In 2020, the shaking powder film transfer printing solution entered the market, ushering in a development climax of digital hot stamping on various fabrics. The film transfer digital printing solution is popular, bringing the gospel of short-process and waterless digital printing to various industries.

But as the saying goes, there are advantages and disadvantages in any solution. This not only depends on the diversity of printing media, but also the diversity of process requirements, and the diversity of functional requirements, after all, consumers are entitled to have more requirement.

Dye-sublimation solves the hot stamping of polyester fabrics, while "shaking powder film transfer printing" is born to solve the hot stamping problems of some cotton fabrics and other medias. However, the film transfer process doesn’t have a good performance in fine pattern transfer, hand feeling and air permeability, and problems such as difficulty in equipment and process maintenance are inevitable.

no powder DTF printing solution

For solving these defects, Hongsam Digital, which has 18 years of experience in the development of pigment inks, officially launched a revolutionary powderless DTF printing solution for printing cotton fabrics and various medias. The no powder DTF printing solution can be applied to print textile, leather and other coil fabrics; metal, wood, glass, ceramics and other types of plates; clothing, handicrafts, industrial supplies, outdoor advertising and other fields, with very good printing effects!

Compared with other solutions, the revolutionary of the DTF powder-free hot stamping solution is that it solves the natural defects of "transfer printing of powder-shaking film" (bad fine pattern transfer, hand feeling and air permeability). Therefore, HongJet DTF powder-free printer becomes a good supplementary solution in the field of digital printing.

The printing process of HongJet powderless DTF printing solution is shorter, and the whole process has only three steps: printing-drying-hot stamping. The process is similar to sublimation, but transfer film is used instead of thermal transfer paper, there is no "shaking powder" link, which reduces the probability of defective products and avoids many problems existing in powder shaking DTF solutions.

In addition to the advantages of simple operation, wide application, good hand feeling and strong fastness of finished product, and high yield, the cost of this solution is basically the same as that of the shaking powder DTF solution. HongJet powderless DTF printing solution helps you to realize "print wherever you want!"

Hongsam HongJet DTF powder-free printing solution is a multi-purpose, environmentally friendly and surprising solution, which is very worth looking forward to.

no powder DTF printer

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