Hongsam Digital Participated in the 5th All in Print China 2014
Jun 26,2024

Hongsam Digital

On November 14, 2014, the 5th China International Exhibition All About Printing Technology & Equipment was officially opened at the Shanghai New International Expo Center. Zhengzhou Hongsam Digital Science and Technology Co., Ltd., a professional inkjet ink manufacturer, participated in the All in Print China 2014, and the Booth No. was W4 B117. Visitors from home and abroad visited HONGSAM Booth and discussed and exchanged views on the application of Hongsam inkjet inks.

For responding to the slogan of "new technology, new application, new business opportunities", Hongsam Digital exhibited several inkjet ink application solutions at All in Print China 2014, comprehensively demonstrating Hongsam's achievements in promoting digital inkjet printing technology in various industries, and showing the development trend of digital printing technology from concept to application.

At the 5th All in Print China, Hongsam Digital exhibited: JETTEXTILE® textile pigment ink, Hongsam LED-UV light-curing inkjet ink and HONGSAM water-based nano pigment ink. Targeting industries such as textile printing and dyeing, artwork reproduction, home decoration, and personalized customization, HONGSAM provided a variety of inkjet ink application solutions such as T-shirt direct printing solution, tiles inkjet printing solution, mobile phone cases printing solution, and high-end artwork reproduction solution.

Breaking the Tradition and Truly Realizing "Waterless Printing"

The digital textiles printing played an important role in textile printing. The emergence and continuous improvement of this technology had brought a new concept to the textile printing and dyeing industry. Its advanced production process had brought unprecedented development opportunities to textile printing and dyeing. Hongsam JETTEXTILE® textile pigment ink application solution, also known as "waterless digital textile printing", no need steaming or washing, and can be directly printed on clothing, shoe pieces, T-shirts, canvas and other textiles. The process is simple and short, and energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

At the 2014 All in Print China, Hongsam Digital demonstrated its JETTEXTILE® textile pigment ink T-shirt printing solution. Because it’s different from paper digital printing, this solution attracted many visitors to watch. With the help of this All-In-Print Exhibition, Hongsam Digital once again promoted the popularization and development of textile digital printing technology.

At 2014, Hongsam Digital launched the third-generation JETTEXTILE® textile pigment ink. The third-generation JETTEXTILE® textile pigment ink made great improvements in color and fastness based on the second-generation pigment ink. The printing effect of improved third-generation textile pigment ink had sharp edges, clear layers, bright and uniform colors, and the printed fabrics are more breathable and better hand feeling. In addition, the JETTEXTILE® III-generation textile digital printing pigment ink had good dry and wet fastness, and can meet the fastness requirements without fixing agent.

High-end Artwork Reproduction: Achieving the Perfect Combination of Technology and Art
At the 2014 All in Print China, Hongsam Digital also exhibited the HONGSAM® water-based pigment ink inkjet printing solution for printing rice paper, silk cloth, oil canvas and artwork reproduction, demonstrating the perfect combination of technology and art work.

As an important means of artwork reproduction, inkjet printing technology plays an important role that cannot be replaced or surpassed by offset printing in the digital trend in recent years. As a professional manufacturer that developed and produced inkjet ink earlier in China, Hongsam Digital successfully developed the rice paper printing pigment ink in 2004, and launched the  fourth-generation oil canvas printing pigment ink in 2010. In 2012, Hongsam Digital continued to improve product for the art reproduction market, leading customers to move from non-waterproof and easy-to-fade dye ink to waterproof, light-resistant and non-fading HONGSAM® pigment ink, transforming from environmentally-unfriendly eco-solvent products to environmentally-friendly product, and moving from rough processing and low requirements to refinement and high standards, helping customers to improve the art reproduction solutions for more printing media such as cotton and linen.

At the 2014 All in Print China, HONGSAM® art reproduction solution attracted many industry customers to stop and appreciate, and even association experts came to the Hongsam booth to exchange and negotiate.

As a professional inkjet ink manufacturer, Hongsam Digital is committed to the research and development, production and sales of various inkjet inks in various industries, and provides various after-sales support, technical services, and other high-quality professional services. Hongsam Digital, your inkjet printing solution partner!

Hongsam Digital

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