Hongsam Digital Participated in the 23rd Autumn (Zhengzhou) China Central Sign Show 2013
May 17,2024
From August 11 to 13, 2013, the 23rd Autumn (Zhengzhou) China Central Sign Show was grandly held at Zhengzhou Zhongyuan International Expo Center. The exhibition area of this exhibition was 18,000 square meters, attracting 300 exhibitors and 30,000 professional visitors. Exhibits included the entire advertising signage and lighting industry chain including advertising printing equipment, advertising printing ink, media, laser engraving equipment, plates, display equipment, light boxes, signs, LED displays, LED advertising light sources, and LED lighting. Zhengzhou Hongsam Digital (Dongfeng Road Branch), as the agent of Hongsam Digital's full range of consumables, participated in the EXPO and exhibited several inkjet ink application solutions, Booth No.: A1316, demonstrating advanced large-format inkjet printing technology to meet the needs of users in various industries.

Hongsam Digital (Dongfeng Road Branch) was a professional core distributor of Roland RA640 and Roland FH740 series photo machines in Henan, a certified seller of CANON large format printers in North China, a certified CANON large format printer repair shop, and a Hongjet printing solution sellers and agent of Hongsam Digital full range of consumables. At the Autumn (Zhengzhou) China Central Sign Show 2013, Hongsam - Dongfeng Road Branch relied on professional inkjet inks technical advantages of Hongsam Digital, with the help of large-format inkjet printers such as CANON and ROLAND, as well as Hongjet full range of inkjet equipment, exhibited 4 sets of inkjet ink application solutions:

Digital printing: Epson7908 used "JETALL®" water-based pigment ink to print coated paper. It is a professional digital proofing solution that can be directly printed on coated paper, gold and silver cardboard, white card, gray card and other media commonly used in printing factories.  Hongsam Digital also launched a heating-free coated paper printing ink suitable for piezoelectric sixth-generation head printers. It can be directly printed on coated paper without heating or modifying the machine. It can be used in a variety of industries, such as the image printing industry, the graphics and text printing industry, advertising sign industry, digital printing industry, wallpaper/wallpaper printing industry, etc.

High-end digital imaging printing: Canon6300 used HONGSAM dye ink to print on non-waterproof photo paper, which was a professional-grade imaging printing solution. HONGSAM dye ink had a wide color gamut and good light resistance, high color saturation, etc., helping users to obtain professional-level printing works at a relatively low cost.

Canvas printing solution: Canon8410 used HONGSAM® pigment ink to print canvas and silk fabric, and ROLAND RA640 used HONGSAM® pigment ink to print canvas. HONGSAM® fourth generation piezoelectric large-format pigment ink are suitable for high-end oil painting artwork reproduction, home decoration wallpaper printing, high-end imaging printing, high-end artwork printing, rice paper printing, wallpaper printing, non-woven fabrics printing, chemical fiber printing, cotton canvas printing, and printing of light box films and backs in the advertising industry.

Digital textile printing: HJ-4180 used "Flag King™" dispersed direct printing ink to print flag cloth, and HJ-4162 used HotMe® thermal transfer ink to transfer swimwear fabrics, plush fabrics, etc. HotMe® thermal transfer ink was made of new technology and original pulp, suitable for inkjet printing on polyester fabrics such as cloth, bags, decorative fabrics, etc. The process is simple, energy-saving and environmentally friendly. "Flag King™" dispersed direct printing ink was suitable for flag and banner production, with good fluidity, obvious performance and excellent performance.

In addition, the Hongjet series high-speed digital printing machines broke through many limitations of traditional printing, and truly realizing a green manufacturing process with low energy consumption, no pollution, and no noise.

Hongsam textile digital printing application solutions help customers in the textile industry to maximize their benefits.

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