Hongsam Digital Participated in the 2014 Spring China Central Sign Show
Jun 04,2024
In March, everything comes back to life, the willows are green and the flowers are red. The Ruyi Lake is crowded with people, because the 24th Spring China Central Sign Show is on. The extremely popular seems to cater to this "good weather", and it is worthy of the standard definition of "a one-stop procurement platform for advertising signs and lighting industries". As the agent of Hongsam full range of consumables, Hongsam Zhengzhou Dongfeng Road Branch participated in the 2014 Spring China Central Sign Show and exhibited complete inkjet application solutions to meet the procurement needs of various industries and provide complete product services for Hongsam's new and old customers.

The exhibits of the 2014 Spring China Central Sign Show brought together the entire advertising sign and lighting industry chain, including advertising printing equipment, ink, media, laser engraving equipment, plates, display equipment, light boxes, signs, LED display screens, LED advertising light sources, LED lighting, etc. Hongsam Digital Zhengzhou Dongfeng Road Branch - Hongsam Digital Roland Creative Center, CANON large-format printer certified dealer in North China, CANON large-format printers certified repair store, Hongjet application solution dealer and Hongsam Digital full-series consumables agent, relying on professional technical advantages on Hongsam inkjet ink, provided a full range of inkjet solutions for advertising industry to meet the actual printing needs.

"HotMe®" thermal transfer digital printing solution can transfer any customized pattern to textile fabrics such as cloth, bags, decorative fabrics, as well as ceramic tile, wood, metal and other materials. At the 2014 Spring China Central Sign Show, Hongsam Digital used HJ-4162 printer with "HotMe®" second-generation thermal transfer ink and performed on-site inkjet printing of thermal transfer paper. HotMe® sublimation ink demonstrated excellent fluidity and stability, as well as the beautiful colors and wide color gamut of the printed patterns, and won the attention and inquiries of many visitors.

The imaging industry gone through a long process of development from film to inkjet printing solutions, and now it is digital imaging. Just like now, photo studios can directly print photos on photo paper with inkjet printer and inkjet ink, which is fast and convenient. More importantly, the old photos with our beautiful memories will not fade with the passage of time. CNAON iPF6300 used "Hongsam®" dye ink to print non-waterproof photo paper. Relying on the Hongsam® water-based dye ink with a wide color gamut and the best light resistance among dye inks, it can ensure that users can obtain professional-level prints at a relatively low cost. At this advertising exhibition, there was an endless stream of visitors at HONGSAM booth, and many users who asked for printed samples once again, which verified the expert level of Hongsam® water-based dye ink.

At the 2014 Spring China Central Sign Show, Hongsam Digital also displayed the Hongsam® pigment ink artwork reproduction solution on site. The Hongsam® pigment ink art reproduction solution used the continuously optimized Hongsam® water based pigment ink, combined with the mainstream equipment on the market and the excellent GMG color management software, so that the entire art reproduction solution can more realistically restore the true style of the original. The solution withstood the long-term test of the market and met the actual needs of high-end users of art reproduction.

In addition, at the 2014 Spring China Central Sign Show, Hongsam Digital also demonstrated the CNAON iPF750 using Hongsam® Canon pigment ink to print blueprint paper solutions, which also attracted many visitors to consult and communicate on site.

Hongsam Digital will continue to work hard to provide complete inkjet digital printing solution to meet the actual needs of users in various industries and further promote the development of digital printing in our country.

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