Hongsam Digital Participated in the 8th China Yiwu Cultural and Tourism Products Trade Fair 2013
May 10,2024
Hongsam Digital

From April 27 to 30, 2013, the 8th China Yiwu Cultural and Tourism Products Trade Fair 2013, hosted by the Ministry of Culture of China and the Zhejiang Provincial Government, and co-organized by the Zhejiang Provincial Department of Culture, the Zhejiang Provincial Cultural Industry Promotion Association, and the Yiwu Municipal People's Government, was successfully held at the Yiwu International Expo Center. Hongsam Digital participated in the Trade Fair and exhibited complete inkjet printing application solutions.

Textile Pigment Ink Printing Solution
The textile pigment ink inkjet printing process is simple, water-saving and environmentally friendly, suitable for printing various fiber fabrics and can meet people's personalized consumption needs to a great extent. The second-generation JETTEXTILE® textile pigment ink  had reached the international advanced level in color fixing technology on textiles, which can be applied to all piezoelectric digital printing machines, truly realizing waterless printing, and meeting the needs of various customers. At the China Yiwu Cultural and Tourism Products Trade Fair 2013, Hongsam Digital used second-generation JETTEXTILE® textile pigment ink to directly print bags, cut pieces, and roll cloth, attracting many domestic and foreign customers.

Artwork Reproduction Solution
HONGSAM nano oil canvas printing pigment ink and rice paper printing pigment ink can fully meet the high-quality needs of the artwork reproduction industry. At the Yiwu Cultural and Tourism Products Trade Fair 2013, Hongsam Digital used EPSON 9908 with HONGSAM rice paper pigment ink to print rice paper, and HONGJET 4162 used the fourth-generation piezoelectric large-format pigment ink to print oil canvas, maximizing the use of the color gamut. The high-density black, fastness and wide media adaptability of the fourth-generation pigment ink, the color fidelity was guaranteed, easily meeting customers' demanding requirements for high-quality output, and winning high praise from on-site visiting customers.

JETALL® Water-based Pigment Ink Application Solution
EPSON 7908 using "JETALL®" water-based Epson pigment ink to print coated paper was no longer unfamiliar to users in the digital printing industry. "JETALL®" environmentally friendly water-based pigment ink was an innovative water-based direct-jet printing ink for non-coated medias, which is professionally used for pre-press proofing technology of coated paper printing. The pigment ink has high saturation, high stability, high color reproduction, quick drying, moisture resistance, stable and smooth, meeting the stringent requirements of digital proofing. At the Expo, Hongsam Digital demonstrated the printing of coated paper and some decorative materials with "JETALL®" water-based pigment ink, attracting many visitors.

The 8th China Yiwu Cultural and Tourism Products Trade Fair 2013 had a total of 3,320 international standard booths, and 1,332 companies from 25 provinces and cities in China and 9 countries and regions abroad participated in the exhibition. The exhibits in each exhibition hall were different and wonderful. Hongsam Digital's full range of inkjet ink application solutions also added highlights to this Cultural Expo and won unanimous praise from industry users.

Hongsam Digital will go further in the digital inkjet industry.

Hongsam Digital

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