Hongsam Digital Participated in the 11th China (Beijing) International Glass Exhibition 2014 (China Glass Expo)
Jun 25,2024
From September 16 to 18, 2014, Hongsam Digital participated in and exhibited a number of inkjet ink solutions at the 11th China (Beijing) International Glass Industry Exhibition 2014 (referred to as CIGE 2014), showing the application effects of its professional inkjet inks on various special materials such as glass and tiles.

The prosperity of industries such as information technology, energy conservation and environmental protection, green buildings, and clean energy put forward new requirements for the performance of glass products. The entire industry has broad development space. CIGE is based on the current market development situation, focuses on the interests of both parties, and is committed to building a platform for product display, trade negotiations, exchanges and cooperation.

Relying on its professional inkjet ink R&D technology and other advantages, Hongsam Digital launched professional inks suitable for inkjet printing of various soft and hard media such as glass, tiles, PVC sheets, and provided various after-sales support, technical services, solutions and other professional services. At the China (Beijing) International Glass Industry Exhibition, Hongsam Digital demonstrated its LED-UV light-curing inkjet ink for printing glass, mobile phone cases, etc., as well as sublimation inks solution for tile printing, demonstrating the application of LED-UV light-curing inkjet technology and thermal transfer digital printing technology on special media such as glass and tiles.

"HotMe®" second-generation sublimation ink had always been the "star product" of Hongsam Digital in recent years. I believe that thermal transfer digital printing technology was already very familiar to industry customers. At this Beijing Glass Exhibition, Hongsam Digital used HJ-4186 machine with "HotMe®" second-generation heat transfer ink for printing tiles. The bright color performance, wide color gamut, and excellent printing fastness once again shocked the visitors.
At 2014, Hongsam Digital launched the third-generation "HotMe®" sublimation ink in response to the needs of customers. The third-generation "HotMe®" heat transfer ink inherited the excellent color performance of the second-generation "HotMe®" heat transfer ink, while the price was more favorable, and the cost performance was better than similar thermal transfer inkjet inks on the market!

At the 11th China (Beijing) International Glass Industry Exhibition, Hongsam Digital also displayed the HONGSAM water-based nano-pigment ink printing solutions for printing silk, oil canvas and other artwork reproduction at the request of customers. The HONGSAM pigment ink for Epson used the VM bright red color system, high-density black, good fastness and wide media adaptability, fast drying and good fluency, especially suitable for high-end oil painting artwork reproduction. In addition to professional visitors who came to negotiate cooperation on this solution, HONGSAM booth also attracted many other on-site visitors. Many visitors were amazed that the HONGSAM pigment ink for Canon can directly print the "high-end artwork reproduction works"! With a wide color gamut and excellent color performance, the HONGSAM pigment ink was "another shining star" at the Hongsam booth!

Zhengzhou Hongsam Digital Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the research and development, production and sales of various professional inkjet inks in the fields of digital printing, digital imaging, advertising inkjet printing, OA office, 3D printing consumables, industrial applications, etc. Hongsam Digital sincerely invites customers from all industries to inquire and cooperate.

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