Hongsam Digital Participated in the CHINA PRINT 2013
May 21,2024
Hongsam Digital

On May 14, 2013, the much-anticipated 8th Beijing International Printing Technology Exhibition (CHINA PRINT 2013) kicked off at the new China International Exhibition Center. As a domestic professional inkjet ink manufacturer, Hongsam Digital participated in the CHINA PRINT 2013 and exhibited complete and professional inkjet printing ink application solutions, and shared the results of Hongsam Digital's innovative solutions in the field of inkjet digital printing.

HONGSAM Booth No.: E12-170

At the CHINA PRINT 2013, Hongsam Digital prepared inkjet ink application solutions such as digital printing solutions, art reproduction solutions, LED-UV proofing solutions, and high-speed inkjet printing solutions, and demonstrated three mature and complete pre-press proofing comprehensive solutions on site.

1.Coated Paper Printing Solution: it’s a digital proofing solution based on the powerful function of "JETALL®" water-based pigment ink, which can directly print on coated paper, gold and silver cardboard, PVC, film, wallpaper, adhesive wallpapers, etc. Hongsam Digital can provide corresponding inkjet printers according to the printing format of the printer. At the same time, professional color management software can be used to solve the problem of "following colors" in printing proofing. The water-based pigment ink coated paper printing solution provides convenient, fast, efficient and high-quality printing solutions for users in the digital printing industry, graphics and text printing industry, advertising sign industry and other industries, helping customers to continuously improve productivity and expand production, so the costs and production cycles are kept to a minimum and profits are maximized.

2. Plate Making Solution: It greatly reduces the cost, saving more than 60% compared with traditional plate making, and the output effect is consistent, and its printing quality can fully meet the user's requirements. With its lower equipment investment and economical use of consumables, Hongsam platemaking solution is widely used in traditional screen printing and offset printing industries. It is suitable for screen printing factories, advertising design companies, film companies, and graphic shops. For other customers, Hongsam's inkjet printing ink is a special high-density black ink, which can directly print on media such as waterproof film, non-waterproof transparent film, sulfuric acid paper, etc. It has extremely high blackness and media applicability.

3. ROLAND Dbe UV printing solution: ROLAND Dbe UV printing solution adopts the high-precision printing technology of Dbe DF-712U flatbed inkjet printer, combined with high-definition ink, to achieve the highest UV printing quality. The printing solution can be widely used in 3C industry, advertising industry, Gift industry, personalized product industry, commercial printing, pre-press proofing and small batch production of packaging printing, special printing, home decoration (wallpaper, decorative oil paintings, art paintings, etc.), building materials (floor tiles, sliding doors, glass, floor ceilings, etc.). At the CHINA PRINT 2013 exhibition, many visiting customers came to visit and communicate. ROLAND Dbe UV printing solution "leading the latest trend in UV spot color pre-press proofing" was widely recognized by on-site customers and also brought endless surprises to digital printing customers.

Hongsam Digital

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