HONGSAM Participated in the 14th China Southwest (Chongqing) Printing and Packaging Exhibition 2012
Feb 26,2024

The first professional printing exhibition in Chongqing, "Southwest China (Chongqing) Printing and Packaging Industry Expo" ( W•CPP2012) was grandly held in Chongqing on March 16, 2012. It was jointly sponsored by Chongqing Press and Publication Bureau, Chongqing Commercial Commission, Chongqing Printing Association, Chongqing Packaging Association and Chongqing Haiqi Materials. With the support and concern of people from all walks of life, the Southwest Printing and Packaging Exhibition has been successfully held for 13 years. The Exhibition played an irreplaceable role in promoting equipment updates and technological updates in Chongqing's printing industry. The exhibition is highly professional, large-scale, and has high profitability.

The Chengdu Office of Zhengzhou Hongsam Digital Science and Technology Co., Ltd., as the general agent of Hongsam full range of dye and pigment inks in the southwest region, participated the exhibition on behalf of HONGSAM.

Booth number: A14-5
Time: March 16-18, 2012
Location: Nanping International Convention and Exhibition Center, No. 2 Jiangnan Avenue, Nan'an District, Chongqing City

HONGSAM Exhibited Printing Solution:
Pre-press proofing solution uses EPSON 7908 and "JETALL" water-based ink
Inkjet plate making solution uses EPSON 7880 and "HONGSAM" engraver ink

As the star product of Hongsam, the "JETALL" water-based pigment ink for Epson has been recognized by domestic users, media and experts for its green, environmentally friendly, colorful and excellent quality of printing on uncoated media. The first exhibition in the southwest region will surely give southwest customers a more direct and profound understanding of its intended performance.

Another plate-making solution is also a very mature printing solution of Hongsam. HONGSAM plate-making ink has a very high OD value, good shading effect, and high resolution, which simplifies the plate-making process for screen printing users. The first exhibition in the southwest region attracted widespread attention from industry customers.


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