Hongsam Digital Participated in the FESPA CHINA & CSGIA 2014
Jun 27,2024


FESPA CHINA & CSGIA 2014 Guangzhou Asia-Pacific Exhibition was successfully concluded on November 21, 2014 at the Poly World Trade Expo Center in Pazhou, Guangzhou. The exhibition area of this exhibition was about 50,000 square meters. It gathered and displayed new technologies and products in the industries of screen printing, textile printing, digital textile printing, digital inkjet printing, transfer printing, digital image printing, etc., which was an annual industry event that cannot be missed. Hongsam Digital brought its full range of textile digital printing inks to this exhibition, and demonstrated several inkjet ink application solutions such as printing and dyeing, art reproduction, and industrial applications, which won unanimous praise from visitors.

As a professional inkjet ink manufacturer in China, Hongsam Digital has five major categories of textile digital printing inks, and has 7 digital printing ink patents, including textile pigment ink (nano digital printing inkjet pigment ink), reactive dye ink, acid dye ink, heat transfer digital printing ink, etc. Hongsam Digital developed various specific inks for various industrial printheads such as EPSON, SPECTRA, Konica Minolta, Kyocera, GEN, etc. At this exhibition, Hongsam Digital grandly launched new products: JETTEXTILE®" third-generation textile pigment ink and HotMe® third-generation sublimation ink. The gorgeous blooming of these two "golden flowers" at the exhibition attracted many visitors.

Hongsam upgraded textile printing pigment ink and sublimation ink had been improved in terms of printing fastness, color performance, color system, etc. JETTEXTILE®" third-generation textile pigment ink truly realized the characteristics of waterless printing, with extremely simple production process, and the unique bright color expression. At the exhibition, some well-known equipment manufacturers took a fancy to JETTEXTILE®" and negotiated on the spot for customizing matching textile inks for them. During the exhibition, Mr. Xie, general manager of Hongsam Digital Textile Printing Division, was invited to an on-site interview of Jicui Printing Network and gave a detailed introduction to the new textile digital printing ink of Hongsam Digital.


In terms of artwork reproduction, Hongsam Digital exhibited the MIMAKI JV300 printing solution using HONGSAM® oil painting canvas printing ink. MIMAKI JV300, combined with the HONGSAM® water-based nano pigment ink with high-density black, good fastness and wide media adaptability, was professionally for printing rice paper, silk cloth, oil painting canvas, etc., especially suitable for the artwork reproduction industry. At the exhibition, the exquisite artworks printed on site by MIMAKI JV300 and HONGSAM® oil painting canvas pigment ink attracted many visitors.

In addition, Guangzhou Yinkelai Digital Technology Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Hongsam Digital, as the agent of MIMAKI in Guangdong, Fujian and Sichuan and the agent of Hongsam Digital's full series of inkjet inks in South China, also signed MIMAKI product sales agreements and Hongsam ink customization cooperation agreements with many companies during the exhibition.

The 2014 FESPA China was themed "Successful Transformation, Only Innovation Can Lead to Success", focusing on the world's cutting-edge new technologies, new products, new trends and new demands of screen printing and digital printing. As a professional inkjet ink manufacturer and inkjet printing solution provider, Hongsam Digital exhibited several inkjet ink application solutions at this exhibition, which met the actual production needs of industry customers and was in line with the development needs of the printing and dyeing, advertising and other industries. In the future, Hongsam Digital will continue to serve the development of China's digital printing industry with full range of inkjet ink application solutions.


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