Hongsam Digital Participated in the 2013 Henan Printing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition
May 28,2024

On September 13-15, 2013, the 46th Henan Printing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition 2013 opened grandly at the Henan Xinhua Exhibition Center in Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. The exhibits of this printing and packaging machinery exhibition cover office equipment, pre-press and cardboard equipment, printing equipment, post-press and binding equipment, carton packaging equipment, gravure printing flexible packaging equipment, printing consumables, etc. The exhibition serves as an external publicity platform for the industry to further promote cooperation with upstream and downstream industries and expand markets.

Hongsam Digital (Zhengzhou Dongfeng Road Branch), which is also the Roland Creative Center in Zhengzhou, participated in the exhibition and exhibited a complete set of digital inkjet application solutions.

In 2013, Hongsam Digital provided digital proofing solutions, blueprint proofing solutions, inkjet plate making solutions and inkjet CTP solutions in the field of digital printing to meet the needs of industry customers for color correction, digital and inkjet film/PS plate making. At the 2013 Henan Printing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition, Hongsam Digital demonstrated the EPSON 7908 using JETALL® pigment ink for Epson to print coated paper, gold and silver cardboard solutions and the EPSON 79008 film plate making solution. Hongsam digital green inkjet ink is used to lead the printing concept of "green, digital, and short process".

The core advantages of Hongsam digital coated paper proofing solution and inkjet plate making solution were: JETALL® pigment-based ink that can realize direct printing on coated paper, gold and silver cardboard, etc., and HONGSAM® high blackness inkjet plate making ink. At 2013, Hongsam Digital had also developed "JETALL®" pigment-based heat-free coated paper printing ink to meet the industry needs for heat-free direct inkjet printing of coated paper. Hongsam digital inkjet printing application solutions at the exhibition also attracted many visitors to visit and consult.

At the exhibition, HONGSAM Dongfeng Road Branch also demonstrated the ROLAND Dbe UV printing solution. In 2012, Roland Creative Center settled in Hongsam Digital, Zhengzhou, Henan. Hongsam Digital and Roland joined forces to build a platform for free communication and common progress with peers in various industries, and to share the creativity and inspiration brought by HONGSAM digital inkjet application solutions without reservation. The ROLAND Dbe UV printing solution used high-precision printing technology and high-definition ink to achieve high UV printing quality. The mercury-free low-temperature LED-UV light source was harmless to the human body, safe and environmentally friendly, and can be adapted to more printing materials. ROLAND Dbe UV printing solution also became the highlight of this Henan Printing and Packaging Machinery Exhibition, attracting many industry customers to visit Hongsam's booth for consultation and exchange.

Hongsam Digital will continue to lead the printing concept of "green, environmentally friendly, digital, short-process" to bring more complete digital inkjet printing application solutions to industry customers, provide practical help to industry customers, and further promote the process of printing digitalization!

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