Hongsam Digital Invites You to Visit ITMA ASIA CITME, Shanghai
Nov 13,2023

* Exhibition: China International Textile Machinery Exhibition and ITMA Asia Exhibition

* Booth Number: H6-D18

* Time: 11.19-11.23, 2023

* Location: National Convention and Exhibition Center (Shanghai)

* To-be-Exhibited Products: Full series digital inkjet inks; Wide application latex printing solution; Full digital Film Transfer Printing Solution.

Hongsam Full Series Digital Inkjet Printing Inks

* Textile Pigment Inks

* Disperse Dye Inks

* Reactive Dye Inks

* Acid Dye Inks

* Cationic Dye Inks

* Ad and Image Printing Inks

* Digital Printing Inks

inkjet inks

Water-based Environmentally Friendly Latex Ink Printing Solution
HONGJET water-based environmentally friendly latex ink printing solution adopts pure water-based environmentally friendly technology. It has a wide range of applications and is not limited to material types. HONGJET water-based latex printing solution can be used for textiles (clothing, shoe materials, home decoration and home textiles, advertising fabrics), leather, wallpaper, tyvek paper, glass stickers, PU, PVC and other materials to meet the needs of more application scenarios, bringing unlimited possibilities to various industries such as advertising, imaging, printing, etc.

Latex Ink Printing Solution

HONGJET Fully Digital Film Transfer Printing Solution
HONGJET Fully Digital DTF Printing Solution is simple to operate, suitable for a wide range of materials, soft to the touch, good in fastness, with a wide range of suitable transfer temperatures to choose from, high yield, low noise, and small footprint. It is another new revolution based on the existing digital printing technology on the market. It is a solution with better transfer effect, wider usage and more environmental protection. Currently, HONGJET Fully Digital DTF Printer has been applied in clothing, bags, shoe materials, home textiles and home decoration, building materials and other industries.

Fully Digital Film Transfer Printing Solution

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