Shanghai ReactoMe (Branch of HONGSAM) Participated in the 2013 China Keqiao Textile Expo (Autumn)
May 29,2024
From October 25 to 28, 2013, the 2013 China Keqiao Textile Expo (Autumn) started at the China Textile City International Convention and Exhibition Center. The scale of this autumn textile fair is the largest in the history, with a total of 643 companies participating, including 30 foreign companies from Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Canada, South Korea and other countries and regions. Shanghai ReactoMe Digital Printing Technology Co., Ltd., as a professional textile digital printing solution provider, participated in this exhibition, bringing new digital printing solutions to industry customers. 

At the 2013 China Keqiao Textile Expo (Autumn), Shanghai ReactoMe exhibited the following product:

-Samples of polyester fabrics printed by the HotMe® second-generation thermal transfer ink;
-Samples of T-shirts and cotton fabrics printed by the JETTEXTILE® second-generation textile pigment ink;
-Samples of cotton fabrics printed by ReactoMe® reactive dye ink;
-A full range of HONGSAM textile digital printing ink: ReactoMe® reactive dye ink, HotMe® second-generation sublimation ink, Flag King™ direct printing ink for banners, and JETTEXTILE® second-generation textile pigment ink.

In addition, at the 2013 China Keqiao Textile Expo (Autumn), many visitors paid special attention to HONGSAM special digital printing inks for various industrial nozzles, and had a detailed understanding and negotiation on the full range of digital printing solutions of Hongsam Digital.

As the integration, sales, service and exhibition center of digital printing solutions of Hongsam Digital, Shanghai ReactoMe has been committed to the research and development, integration, technical consulting services and improvement of the industry value chain of digital printing industry-related products for many years. Shanghai ReactoMe insists on customer demand-oriented, technological innovation as the core, service as the criterion, providing digital printing solutions, wholeheartedly solving various practical application problems of digital printing for customers, commits to promoting the industrial development of the digital printing industry. Shanghai ReactoMe looks forward to working with more printing and dyeing industry experts and customers to prosper China's printing and dyeing industry and benefit the country and society.


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