Hongsam Digital Participated in the 2013 Sign Expo China
Apr 09,2024
Hongsam Digital

From March 1st to 4th, 2013, thousands of exhibitors from all over the country gathered at the 2013 China (Guangzhou) International Advertising and Signage Exhibition, working together to create a complete one-stop procurement platform for the advertising industry. Hongsam Digital participated in the 2013 Sign Expo China and exhibited a complete set of digital inkjet printing solutions.

As a professional domestic inkjet ink manufacturer, Hongsam Digital has been based on the research and application promotion of digital inkjet technology for many years. Hongsam products involve digital printing, advertising, digital imaging, textile digital printing, art reproduction and other fields. The comprehensive inkjet printing solutions launched by Hongsam Digital were also unanimously recognized by the market. At the 2013 Sign Expo China, in the 11.1 P02 exhibition booth, Hongsam inkjet printing solutions attracted the attention of many exhibitors.

1.Pure Cotton Canvas Printing Solution:
"Hongcai 6®" fourth-generation piezoelectric large-format pigment ink, as a new generation of pigment ink, adopted the VM bright red color system, high-density black, high fastness and wide media adaptability, fast drying and good fluency, especially suitable for oil painting artwork reproduction. At the 2013 Sign Expo China, Hongjet® used "Hongcai 6®" fourth-generation pigment ink to reproduce oil paintings with high precision, delicately showing the soul of the original artwork, interpreting cultural classics, and attracting many domestic and foreign visitors.

2.Disperse Ink for Banner Cloth Printing Solution:
At the 2013 Sign Expo China (Guangzhou), using direct printing disperse ink to print flags and banners on-site won the unanimously praise from visitors. HotMe® direct printing disperse ink supports high speed large format flag and banner fabric printing, with high-quality color reproduction, fully suitable for mass production.

3."JETTEXTILE®" Textile Pigment Ink for Pure Cotton Fabric Direct Printing Solution:
At the 2013 Sign Expo China (Guangzhou), "JETTEXTILE®" second-generation textile pigment ink was used for on-site direct printing on pure cotton roll fabric, showing the waterless digital inkjet printing. Hongsam reactive ink, acidic ink, pigment ink, DTF ink, DTG ink, sublimation ink and other digital printing inks can meet the printing needs of various fabrics.

4."JETALL®" Water-based Pigment Ink for Coated Paper, Gold and Silver Cardboard Printing Solutions:
"JETALL®" water-based pigment ink brought surprises to users in the printing industry by printing coated paper directly without any coating. At the 2013 Sign Expo China (Guangzhou), Hongsam Digital used HongJet printer and "JETALL®" water-based pigment ink to print menu on coated paper. "JETALL®" water-based pigment ink does not contain any solvent components, is completely water-based, green and environmentally friendly, and is a functional water-based pigment ink. It is suitable for printing coated paper, PVC, film, paper wallpaper, and other non-absorbent media such as adhesive wallpaper, especially suitable for printing on uncoated media, which is light-resistant, waterproof and non-fading. JETALL® water-based pigment ink has a high degree of friction fastness, excellent color and gloss expression, especially the water-based environmentally friendly characteristics, completely conquered many visitors.

At the 2013 Sign Expo China (Guangzhou), Hongsam Digital demonstrated the performance and advantages of Hongsam inkjet digital printing solutions, inkjet textile printing solutions and artwork reproduction solutions. Hongsam Digital will continue to adhere to the principle of "Scientific , Integrity, Transcendence, and Environmental Protection" as the corporate philosophy, and promote the development of digital inkjet technology!

Hongsam Digital

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