Hongsam Digital Participated in the 6th International Digital Printing Industry Application Exhibition 2014
Jun 06,2024

Hongsam Digital

From April 8th to 10th, 2014, the 6th International Digital Printing Industry Application Exhibition was grandly held in Shanghai New International Expo Center. Exhibitors from well-known domestic and foreign companies made a grand appearance at this printing industry exhibition.

As a professional inkjet ink manufacturer and textile digital printing solution provider, Hongsam Digital brought mature and complete waterless digital printing solutions to visitors at this exhibition - "HotMe" thermal transfer digital printing solution and "JETTEXTILE®" textile pigment ink direct printing solution, and its digital printing technology also became the "eye-catching magic weapon" that attracted many visitors.

In 2014 printing and dyeing industry, digital printing technology is challenging traditional printing technology! The terminal demand oriented to personalization, small batches, fast delivery, high quality, and varied patterns will force the abandonment of the traditional textile printing and dyeing production mode of large batches and slow delivery; the social demand oriented to energy saving, green environmental protection, and sustainable development will force the industrial transformation and technological upgrading of the traditional textile printing and dyeing industry. Digital printing technology has entered the printing industry with characteristics that meet these two needs.

Hongsam full range of textile digital printing solutions uses Hongsam high-quality digital textile printing inkjet inks and Hongjet series high-speed digital printing machines, which are suitable for digital printing products based on any fabric. In addition, Hongsam Digital also provides special textile inks for industrial print heads such as EPSON, SECTRA, KONICA MINOLTA, SEIKO, KYOCERA, RICOH, etc.

At the 2024 International Digital Printing Industry Application Exhibition, Hongsam Digital demonstrated the "HotMe" thermal transfer ink thermal transfer digital printing solution. The "HotMe" thermal transfer ink was used with the HJ-4162 digital printing machine, which is suitable for digital printing of polyester fabrics, swimwear fabrics, bags, pillow fabrics, satin fabrics and other materials. It can print on materials such as cloth, clothing, bags, and flag fabrics, which can fully meet the needs of personalized printing products for personal or home decoration.

 A customer of Hongsam Digital in Yiwu developed a 3.2-meter extra-wide digital printing solution for wall cloth using the "HotMe" thermal transfer printing solution, realizing the unified planning of wall decoration.

At this printing industry exhibition, Hongsam Digital also exhibited the "JETTEXTILE®" textile pigment ink direct-injection waterless digital printing solution, which used the JETTEXTILE® second-generation textile pigment ink with HJ-8420 machine to directly print shoe material. This solution helps traditional processing companies achieve rapid production response, provide personalized products, and achieve environmentally friendly, low-carbon and sustainable development through digital printing processing technology for shoe material cutting pieces, meeting the current terminal needs of the printing and dyeing industry oriented to "personalization, rapid and changeable".

The emergence and continuous improvement of digital printing technology brought a new concept to the textile printing and dyeing industry. Its advanced production principles and means have brought unprecedented development opportunities to textile printing and dyeing. In addition, with the continuous increase in people's requirements for printing, the traditional printing industry has to be fundamentally innovated. The development space for digital printing is very large. Digital inkjet printing had penetrated into various fields of textiles such as design, clothing, home textiles, automotive decoration, advertising, personalized customization, and online stores.

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