Hongsam Digital Participated 2013 Digitalization Printing Tour - Chengdu Station
Apr 16,2024
Digitalization Printing Tour

On March 26, the 2013 "Digitalization Printing Tour Exchange Conference" landed in Chengdu, Sichuan. More than 180 famous workers in printing industry from cities across Sichuan Province gathered together to speak freely on the topic of "digitization printing". The meeting received great attention from the Sichuan Provincial Press and Publication Bureau and the Sichuan Provincial Printing Association. Zhang Xiaojie, Deputy Director of the Provincial Press and Publication Bureau, and Sun Changquan, Director of the Printing Department of the Provincial Press and Publication Bureau came to the scene and spoke highly of the meeting. As one of the well-known enterprises in the development of printing digitalization, Hongsam Digital participated in this event. Hongsam Digital shared its perfect inkjet printing solutions, discussed the current situation and future of digital printing with colleagues in the printing industry.

At 09:30, Mr. Zhang Xiaojie, deputy director of the Sichuan Provincial Press and Publication Bureau and chairman of the Sichuan Provincial Printing Association, first delivered a speech at this meeting. Mr. Zhang Xiaojie summarized the work content and direction of Sichuan Province's printing industry in 2013 with "three activities, three tasks". He believed that the transformation and upgrading of printing companies is inseparable from digitalization, and hoped that Sichuan's printing industry will attach great importance to digitalization printing and achieve another breakthrough in printing output value.

The Chengdu station of the 2013 "Digitalization Printing Tour Exchange Conference" set the morning and afternoon of the meeting as traditional printing forum and digital printing forum according to the theme, and invited well-known technical supporter dedicated to the development of digitalization printing: Chengdu Xintu New Materials Co., Ltd., Maiji (Shanghai) Trading Co., Ltd., Heidelberg (China) Co., Ltd., China HP Co., Ltd., Konica Minolta Office Systems (China) Co., Ltd., EFI, and Zhengzhou Hongsam Digital Science and Technology Co., Ltd. respectively gave speeches. They shared their new technologies and concepts, as well as their analysis of the current status and trend perspectives of the industry, and gave sincere suggestions to printing companies. The speech theme included "Value-added services of new graphics", "Digitalization enhances the soft power of enterprises to cope with changing market challenges", "The charm of integration - Heidelberg CTP and Prinect workflow", "Accelerating transformation is unstoppable", "Leading digital printing technology and developing new business models”, “EFI builds a bridge between you and digital printing”, and “Digital printing application solutions”.

In the speech time, Mr. Wang Lei from Hongsam Digital shared four Hongsam pre-press proofing solutions in detail: digital proofing solution, blueprint proofing solution, inkjet plate making solution and inkjet CTP solution, and analyzed the advantages one by one compared with existing solutions in the printing industry. Wang Lei also introduced in detail the core of Hongsam's inkjet digital printing solution in his speech - JETALL® water-based pigment ink. JETALL® water-based pigment ink can be printed directly on coated paper. It is water-based and environmentally friendly non-toxic, protects the nozzle, has no irritating smell, and with high color saturation, good fluidity and quick drying. Hongsam inkjet printing solutions undoubtedly brought the latest ideas to the printing industry, and also brought unlimited imagination to the future of digitalization printing.

At the end of the forum, Director Sun Changquan of the Printing Department of the Sichuan Provincial Press and Publication Bureau made a summary speech on the forum, and once again emphasized that digitalization and green development are strategic needs for the development of the printing industry during the 12th Five-Year Plan. Hongsam Digital will continue to contribute to the development of digital printing and work with colleagues in the printing industry to promote the long-term development of digitalization!

Digitalization Printing Tour

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