HONGSAM New Digital Printing Ink Solution Entered in Guangzhou Market
Jan 11,2024


On December 30, 2011, Guangzhou InkLab Digital Technology Co., Ltd. (subsidiary company of HONGSAM) held a new digital printing product promotion conference with the theme of "Joining Powers to Win the Future" at the Versailles Hall of Guangzhou Ocean Hotel. Dozens of industry companies and Personal participation in the conference has attracted widespread attention from the industry.

The conference focused on the introduction of Hongsam series inkjet inks and the second-generation textile printing inks and solutions, as well as the operation and application of textile printing RIP software. The meeting vividly and intuitively demonstrated digital printing. The application of new products has received attention and praise from professionals attending the conference.

In the new economic environment, the textile printing and dyeing industry will inevitably enter a short-process, digital production method. Nowadays, more and more printing and dyeing factories and textile manufacturers adopt wide-width inkjet printing for production. The advantages of inkjet printing are: it omits the plate making process in traditional printing, shortens the process and reduces costs; reduces dye waste to achieve environmental friendliness; digital images facilitate small batch flexible production, which are incomparable advantages of traditional printing methods. 

For a long time, most companies that can provide digital printing inks are foreign companies. Hongsam Digital has developed digital printing inkjet inks as its main product since the early days of the company. After several years of development, application and promotion, Hongsam series of digital printing inkjet inks have a high brand reputation at home and abroad, and are gradually replacing foreign products and being used in the production of more and more inkjet printing companies.

The two new digital printing inks are: Hongsam Second Generation Thermal Transfer Ink and Second Generation Textile Pigment Ink. They are new inks launched for the current growing domestic digital printing market. It is understood that these two inks were launched on the market by Hongsam Digital in November 2011 and have received great attention from market professionals. Through the promotion meeting, we learned about some characteristics of these two inks.

Ten Advantages of HOTME® Second Generation Thermal Transfer Ink:
1. Good fluency, round and accurate ink droplet shape, suitable for continuous batch production;
2. The ink system is dispersed stably, the additives are mild, protecting nozzles;
3. Bright colors, wide color gamut, and excellent fastness; with darker blacks and brighter colors;
4. Good quick drying on thermal transfer paper;
5. High adhesion fastness to heat transfer paper;
6. No contain of volatile oily substances, safe for printers;
7. Good stability, good reproducibility and no discoloration;
8. Applicable to a wide range of models, including ROLANDMOUTOHMIMAKIHongjetEPSON models, etc.;
9. High cost performance, about half the price of foreign inks of the same quality;

10. Good compatibility with foreign inks and can be directly replaced with foreign inks without cleaning.

Ten Advantages of JETTEXTILE® Second Generation Textile Pigment Ink:
1. Simple and shortest process. Printing white T-shirts requires no pre-processing or color fixing;
2. The color is rich and bright;
3. Good fluency, white ink does not need to be circulated during the printing process;
4. Good stability. If the machine is shut down for a long time, use the supporting nozzle protection fluid for maintenance and treatment;
5. Good fastness, resistance to sunlight, washing and rubbing, which can meet or exceed the requirements of international textile standards;
6. Use primer to make the color darker by 30%;
7. Suitable for a wide range of media, pure cotton, chemical fiber, wool, silk, and blended fabrics can be printed directly;
8. Good hand feel, softer and more comfortable;
9. White ink, the first in China and leading in the world;

10. High cost performance, the price is nearly half lower than that of foreign inks.

The successful holding of the new product promotion conference helped Hongsam new digital printing inks enter into Guangzhou market. It is understood that after the meeting, many customers visited Guangzhou InkLab Company (subsidiary company of HONGSAM) to have a further in-depth understanding of the new products and expressed their strong intention to cooperate.
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