Introduction of Hongjet® Digital Film Transfer Printing
Oct 30,2023
Thank you for using Hongjet® digital film transfer printing, for better printing effect and getting satisfactory printing products, you are advised to follow the following requirements:

1. The selection of heat press machine: We recommend customers to use pneumatic and hydraulic flat-bed heat press machine with heating plate and platform in vertical contact, and the heat press machine should be designed with air pressure indicator and pressure adjustment device.
2. The platform of heat press machine: The platform surface must be flat and only covered with the rubber mat of the heat press machine, recovering the platform surface with other materials is not recommended. The size and shape of the platform can be flexibly selected according to the material to be printed, but must ensure that: the four layers (heating surface + transfer film + to-be-printed material + platform) must be completely flat and fit.
3. Transfer pressure: For cotton knit, adjust the air pressure valve, and transfer printing when the air pressure value is at 0.6-0.8Mpa; for other materials, please test to get the appropriate pressure for transfer printing, so as to get final product with good fastness.
4. Temperature and time: For cotton knit fabric, 160℃*40s or adjusted according to the  temperature resistance of fabric. For leather, 120℃*20s or adjusted according to the temperature resistance and actual fastness of materials.
5.Tearing the film: For the Hongjet® digital film transfer printing, tearing the film when the fabric and firm are completely cooled can help to achieve a better printing effect. When tearing the film, the film and the fabric should be torn off evenly and slowly at 180℃.

6. Secondary pressing: In order to get a better printing effect, especially the edge part, secondary pressing of printed fabric is recommended. Spread high-temperature oil paper on the surface of the pattern, keep the pressure constant, and the temperature time is 160℃and 15~20 seconds.

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