HONGSAM Participated in the 21st Autumn China Zhongyuan Advertising Exhibition
Jan 29,2024
Zhongyuan Advertising Exhibition

From August 10th to 12th, 2012, the 21st Zhongyuan Advertising Exhibition in Zhengzhou, China in the autumn of 2012 was held at Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center which is one of the most modern exhibition halls in central and northern China.

Zhongyuan Advertising Exhibition, the leading domestic advertising sign and lighting industry exhibition, is held in Zhengzhou twice every year in spring and autumn. Since its establishment in the spring of 1999, after nearly 13 years of development and accumulation, Zhongyuan Advertising Exhibition has become a well-known exhibition in the industry and is currently the largest advertising trade procurement platform in central and northern China. Zhongyuan Advertising Exhibition has been successfully held for 18 consecutive years, establishing its influence in the field of advertising signs, and developing into the third largest advertising brand among similar domestic exhibitions after Shanghai and Guangdong.

As a professional inkjet ink manufacturer and your partner in inkjet solutions, Hongsam Digital participated in this event. With ten years of unremitting efforts, Hongsam Digital has developed more than 100 types and more than 8,000 inkjet inks. At the Zhongyuan Advertising Exhibition, Zhengzhou Hongsam Digital Science and Technology Co., Ltd.-Dongfeng Road Branch, as the core distributor of Roland RA640 and Roland FH740 series photo machines in Henan, a certified seller of CANON large format printers in North China, and a certified CANON large format printer product repair shop, Hongjet application solutions seller and Hongsam full range of consumables agent, participated in this event, integrating various advantageous resources and the most competitive large-format printing solutions for display.

On August 10, with colorful flags flying and crowds surging outside the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, the 21st Zhongyuan Advertising Exhibition opened grandly:
Dongfeng Road Branch of Hongsam Digital participated in this event. The booth was located at the entrance of Hall E, with an area of 36 square meters. Hongsam displayed five mature advertising applications to visitors from the advertising and printing industry.

Exhibited Printing Solutions:

1. HongJet-4160-LUV printer uses Hongsam UV light-curing ink to directly print advertising panels:
As the most popular UV printing in the advertising industry in recent years, Hongsam Digital demonstrated the HongJet-4160-LUV UV flatbed printer with Hongsam UV ink to print advertising sheets. The HongJet-4160-LUV printer has a true industrial production platform adsorption system that can adsorb different printing materials; the height of the nozzle is adjustable and can print materials with different thicknesses, quickly realizing your dream of multi-purpose industrial production. This time, almost all glass, ceramic tiles, ceilings, aluminum plates, wooden boards, door panels, signs, acrylic boards, KT boards, plexiglass boards, Chevron boards, corrugated cardboard, and other common materials in the advertising industry were printed on site, with the help of environmentally friendly, smooth and colorful Hongsam UV ink, unanimously favored by the visitors for its powerful functions and productivity.

2. Roland 740 uses Hongsam fourth-generation pigment ink to print canvas artwork solutions:
As the core dealer and RCC display center of Roland in Henan, Hongsam Digital (Dongfeng Road Branch) grandly displayed the new Roland Hi-Fi JET FH-740 wide-format water-based inkjet photo printer with the fourth generation of Hongsam Pigment ink, which is a solution for art reproduction, especially oil painting printing. The Roland Hi-Fi JET FH-740 wide-format water-based inkjet printer uses Roland's new seventh-generation gold-plated dual print heads and advanced variable ink droplet technology to achieve unparalleled imaging precision and color accuracy. On the basis of inheriting the original excellent qualities of Hongsam pigment ink such as waterproof and lightfastness, Hongsam pigment ink has been optimized specifically for the industry needs of art reproduction customers, making the ink more fluid and better color reproduction, more suitable for industrial production requirements, perfectly reproducing the style of the original work.

3. HongJet-4180 uses "Flag King™" disperse dye ink to produce flag and banners:
Using thermal color equipment to produce flags and banners has become a common choice for industry professionals. At this Zhongyuan Advertising Exhibition, Hongsam Digital demonstrated flags and banners printing solution using "Flag King™" disperse ink. HongJet-4180 showed the perfect combination of high-efficiency production capacity and high-quality color expression. With the cost-effective "Flag King™" disperse dye ink specially used for flag banner production, the textiles can be digitally printed without water. The professional waterless printing solution for flag has undoubtedly become the highlight of this exhibition, attracting many visitors to stop and watch.

4. CANON 8310 uses Hongsam pigment ink high-end image printing solution:
As a certified seller of CANON large format printers in North China and a certified repair shop for CANON large format printers, Hongsam Digital (Dongfeng Road Branch) grandly demonstrated CANON 8310 high-end image output solution using Hongsam pigment ink at the Zhongyuan Advertising Exhibition. CANON iPF8310, combined with Hongsam pigment ink, can output photos with high-precision restoration and more realistic color effects through high-precision mechanical platform and new pigment ink system and other cutting-edge technologies. The perfect combination of the unique Hongsam 12-color pigment ink and the CANON iPF8310, produced high-definition color digital photos on site, attracting the attention of many on-site visitors.

5. CANON 6300 uses Hongsam® dye ink to directly print the light box film solution:

At this Zhongyuan Advertising Exhibition, Hongsam also demonstrated light box film printing solution with CANON 6300 and Hongsam® dye ink. Hongsam® dye ink is easy to be absorbed by the printing media after printing, with bright colors and low cost. It has a certain UV resistance compared with ordinary photo dye inks, which is an important reason for choosing Hongsam® dye ink for the direct printing of light box. It is a perfect combination of professional digital printing equipment and high-quality dye inks, providing a wonderful presentation of back-sprayed light box printing solutions with bright colors and good light transmittance.

Zhongyuan Advertising Exhibition

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