Polyester Fabric Printing Ink-Disperse Dye Inks
Nov 29,2023

According to statistics, polyester accounts for 67% of all fiber in the entire textile industry. Polyester, whose chemical name is polyester fiber, has the advantage of good wrinkle resistance, shape retention, and high strength. It is widely used in the textile industry because of its durability, anti-wrinkle and non-ironing properties. Disperse dyes inks have good affinity for polyester fiber, and have good dyeing properties and printing effect.

disperse dye ink

Polyester Fabric Digital Printing Process

Inks produced with disperse dyes as raw materials can be roughly divided into two categories, thermal transfer inks and high-temperature direct printing disperse dye inks.

Thermal transfer printing refers to printing patterns on transfer paper, and then placing the printed transfer paper in close contact with the fabric. Under the condition of controlling a certain temperature, pressure and time, the dye sublimates from the printing paper and transfers to the fabric. Thermal transfer printing ink enters the interior of the fabric through diffusion to achieve the purpose of coloring.

The high-temperature disperse direct printing process is to print high-temperature disperse dye ink directly onto the fabric. After drying, it is baked at high temperature to develop color. Finally, it is restored and cleaned to achieve more beautiful colors and better fastness.

Digital thermal transfer printing has a simple printing process, bright colors, and low production costs, and has been welcomed by many customers. However, with the development of the textile industry, and the increase in printing speed, ordinary thermal transfer printing can no longer meet some high-demand applications.

disperse dye ink

Therefore, Hongsam Digital launched the HOTME® series of disperse dye inks: high-speed thermal transfer inks, color migration resistant thermal transfer inks, high sunlight resistant thermal transfer inks, etc., developed targeted products for every application area.

With the continuous innovation of thermal transfer digital printing technology, high-speed paper printers with 15-head, 16-head, and 30-head EPSON printheads are becoming more and more popular in the market. The popular high-speed printer with 15 i3200 printheads has a printing speed about 500 square meters/h in 1 pass mode. In order to meet the higher demand of the market, Zhengzhou Hongsam Digital launched HOTME® high-speed thermal transfer ink which has been used in many cooperated companies, with very good feedback.

Environmental Protection and Standards Help Hongsam Go Further

Hongsam Digital HOTME® disperse dye inks passed the ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX, and were successfully selected into The Seventh Batch Advanced Technology Catalogs for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Issued by China's Printing and Dyeing Industry in 2013. Hongsam Digital is also the drafting unit of national industry standards for disperse dye inks.

As a professional inkjet ink manufacturer, Hongsam Digital is committed to the research, development, application and promotion of digital inkjet technology, and provides customers with overall digital inkjet printing solutions and services. At present, most traditional dyeing and printing factories in China have installed digital printing production lines, from the initial one or two small machines to the large-scale production with multiple industrial nozzle production lines. The vigorous and rapid development will definitely bring great changes for digital printing of the textile industry.

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