Digital Textile Printing Process of Bamboo Fiber
Apr 02,2024

Foreword: Bamboo fiber has good air permeability, instant water absorption, natural antibacterial and deodorant functions, and is easy to biodegrade. Bamboo fiber is a natural and environmentally friendly green fiber and high quality fabric for shirts and T-shirts, which is very suitable for summer wear.

In order to meet young people's functional and diversified needs for summer shirts and T-shirts, many companies have developed ultra-fine digital printing technology. Computer control system does high-precision drawing color separation, and strict control of ink quality. The ultra-fine printing mode can make sure that the pattern is fine, the product size is stable, the luster is bright, the color fastness is good, and the hand feeling is soft.

Ultra-fine Digital Printing Process for Bamboo Fabrics

Process flow: fabric weaving→singing→mercerizing→pretreatment→drying and setting→starching→digital printing→steaming→washing→scutching→loose drying→softening and setting→decating→preshrinking→finished product inspection→ Package.

Here we only introduce the starching process and the digital inkjet printing process.

Starching Process

Since the ink for digital printing is water-soluble, the cloth must be starched before printing, and the additives required for the fixation of reactive dyes are applied to the cloth during the starching process. Use a mixture of natural modified and synthetic polymers P-VIS paste to starch, which has good compatibility with reactive dyes and auxiliaries, endows digital printing fabric with good color yield and outline definition.

Digital Inkjet Printing Process

Key technology of digital inkjet fine printing: digital printing printhead; digital printing ink; digital printing image design; color control of digital printing products.

a. Printhead for Digital Printing
Printhead of mainstream brand printer can print ultra-fine digital inkjet printing with yarn-dyed effect.
b. Digital Printing Ink
High-quality ink will relatively reduce the consumption of the nozzle, and the service life of the nozzle will increase. The combination of reactive dye ink and fiber is realized through covalent bonds, and reactive dye ink has excellent wet treatment fastness such as washing resistance and wet friction resistance on fiber. Reactive dye is a water-soluble dye, which is an important pigment for inkjet printing ink. Hongsam reactive ink has the characteristics of good storage stability, no clogging nozzle, good fastness, and high reproducibility of printed products.
c. Digital Printing Image Design
Scanning: For the pattern of imitation yarn-dyed fabric, fine scanning is required to ensure the pattern is clear
Color Separation: Carry out color separation for the pattern.
d. Color Control in Digital Printing Process

In order to make the color of the finished product consistent with the color displayed on the computer screen, establish an ICC color management system through software to adjust the ink output of different colors, perform color control, select the process parameters of the best finished color and carry out Production.

Repeat the sample according to the small sample formula before mass printing, and the printing can be started normally only after the pattern, color, effect and size are qualified. Set the printing environment before printing: set the density curve; set the printing mode; set the ICC file for input and output; save the printing environment.

The density curve is used to control the output of each ink, to make the level of each ink linear, so that the gradient of a single ink is uniform and the level is rich.

The role of ICC is to solve the problem of color inconsistency in different color device, that is, color correction. When printing RGB, CMYK overall image requires ICC to make color management, and color correction.

The temperature of the digital printing workshop should be controlled at 20-25℃, and the relative humidity is 50-60%, so as to ensure the smoothness of the ink during the inkjet process and prevent clogging of the nozzles. After the printing is completed, do drying, and finished product should be sealed with plastic packaging paper to protect from moisture.


With the help of ultra-fine digital printing process technology, the bamboo cotton fabrics have made a great leap in fineness , fine pattern, soft texture, not easy to pilling, high color fastness, etc. Hongsam Digital is professional in digital inkjet inks for 23 years, feel free to leave us a message for any problems, thank you.

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