Beijing HongJet (Subsidiary of HONGSAM) Participated in the 15th China (Beijing) International Wallcoverings & Home Furnishings Exhibition
Apr 22,2024

the 15th China (Beijing) International Wallcoverings & Home Furnishings Exhibition

From March 7th to March 10th, 2013, the 15th China (Beijing) International Wallcoverings & Home Furnishings Exhibition was held in the new hall of China International Exhibition Center. Beijing HongJet participated in the Exhibition and exhibited a complete home decoration printing plan. The visitors were shown the mixture of advanced inkjet technology and classical artworks in the current home decoration plan.

At the 2013 China (Beijing) International Wallcoverings & Home Furnishings Exhibition, Beijing HongJet exhibited the following printing solutions:

Canvas Printing Solutions:
Inkjet printing, as an important means of art reproduction, played an important role in digital printing in recent years that cannot be replaced or surpassed by offset printing. In 2010, Hongsam Digital launched the nano pigment ink specifically for canvas printing. The canvas printing pigment ink has bright red color, high-density black, high fastness and wide media adaptability, which is especially suitable for art reproduction. After long-term testing in the market, the canvas pigment ink printing solution, coupled with professional supporting services had been widely recognized by the industry. At this International Wallcoverings & Home Furnishings Exhibition, HJ-4180 used the nanopigment ink for canvas to print canvas, presenting the classics and elegance of ancient culture, and bringing high-quality visual enjoyment to art lovers, and attracting many visitors to the exhibition site.

Rice Paper Printing Solution:
For the application of inkjet technology in the art reproduction industry, the art reproduction of rice paper and Chinese paintings has relatively high requirements for ink and color management. Too large or too small ink volume will affect the color of the artwork, so high-saturation ink is the magic weapon to solve this problem. HONGSAM special water-based nano pigment ink for rice paper is specially optimized for red and black colors based on the strong ink-absorbing characteristics of rice paper, and further improved the expressiveness of green and orange. The entire color performs excellently on rice paper. In addition, the formula of HONGSAM water-based nano pigment ink for rice paper was upgraded, making the ink and rice paper more closely matched, and making the colors of art reproductions more vivid and natural.

Since its establishment, Beijing HongJet (Subsidiary of HONGSAM) has been committed to the integration, research, development and promotion of HongJet series digital printing solutions, and introduced the concepts of digitalization, short process and green printing into the printing field. The direct proofing solutions for packaging and printing materials, environmentally friendly textile pigment printing solutions, wallpaper printing solutions, leather printing solutions, thermal transfer printing solutions, artwork reproduction solutions, high-end digital imaging solutions and other solutions launched by Beijing HongJet have been used by many domestic enterprises, providing strong support for customers to improve product quality, enhance product competitiveness, and meet social needs.


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