Cationic Dye Inks
Cationic Dye Ink for Carpet Printing
    • Registered trademark: HONGSAM®
    • Colors: K/C/M/Y/LC/LM/GY/LK
    • Package: 1Kg, 5Kg, 20Kg, 50Kg
    • Applicable models: Epson DX5/DX6/DX7/I3200/S3200, StarFire 1024, etc.
    • Application: cationic carpet printing ink is used for printing acrylic fiber, modified polyester fiber (carpet, shoes, etc.)
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Introduction to Cationic Dye Ink

Cationic dye ink is named for their cationic state in aqueous solution, also can be called as carpets printing ink or carpets ink. Cationic ink is mainly used in the dyeing and printing of acrylic fibers and modified polyester fibers. Cationic dye ink has advantages of bright colors, good permeability, and high light fastness. For some fabrics, the printing process is washing-free after color fixing, which reduces the pressure on enterprises to discharge sewage.

Process for Carpet Printing:

* Carpet pre-wet---inkjet printing---steaming&chromogenic (102-105℃, 15-20mins, spaying special color flxing agent) ---washing---drying&finished. 

* Customers can decide whether to wash according to their own requirements on fastness. The specific process is subject to customer's actual test.

Supporting Auxiliary Products:

* Cationic color fixing agent AA-03 (1:50~100 dilution)

* Special cationic cleaning fluid

* Ink guide fluid

* Print head protection liquid

Cationic Dye Ink

Advantages of Cationic Carpet Printing Ink

1. The cationic carpet ink is with advantages of bright colors and high saturation, so as to save ink.

2. The ink is water-based, safe and environmentally friendly, and does not contain harmful substances.

3. The cationic inkjet ink is with excellent fluency, suitable for industrial continuous printing.

4. The cationic dye ink is with high color fixing rate, excellent dry and wet friction fastness, reducing the pressure of sewage treatment.

5. The carpet printing ink is with high fastness to sunlight to meet the needs of special industry

6. The formulations of the carpets ink are stable and safe to print heads.

Why Choose Hongsam Digital?

Cationic dye ink can be steamed at 102℃ to fully develop color without generating floating color, so printed carpets don’t need to be washed by water, and there will be no color migration during compounding and storage. Due to cationic dyes are more resistant to sunlight than disperse dyes, we have specially developed digital cationic dye inks for printing polyester and acrylic fabrics. Cationic carpet printing ink printing has the advantages of bright colors, high permeability on the carpet, super high light fastness, low energy consumption of vapor evaporation, energy saving and environmental protection.

As a professional textile digital printing ink manufacturer for 22 years, Hongsam Digital continuously launched innovative new products to meet the needs of the society, helping the transformation to digital production of textile, printing and other fields. At the same time, Hongsam Digital is always focusing on the promotion of energy-saving and emission-reduction technologies, making digital printing an energy-saving and environmentally-friendly business.

Cationic Dye Ink


1. Working environment: room temperature 20-25℃, humidity 40-70%RH, dust-free.

2. The printers using this product can only be cleaned with pure water and special cleaning solution.

3. It is strictly forbidden to drink this product, please place the ink out of reach of children.

4. It is strictly forbidden to mix with other types of ink.

5. Shelf life: 6 months in a closed, cool, shady and dark environment; it is recommended to use it within15 days after opening.

6. Do not scratch the nozzle during printing.

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