Acid Dye Inks
Carpet Printing Acid Ink
    • Registered trademark: SILKMATE®
    • Colors: K/C/M/Y/R/B/OR/GY/LM/LC/Blank
    • Applicable models: KM, Ricoh, Starfire 1024, etc.
    • Application: the digital water-based acid ink is mainly used in digital printing of nylon carpets.
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Introduction to Hongsam Acid Carpet Printing Ink

Advantages of Hongsam Acid Carpet Printing Ink:

▪ Bright colors, high color density, saving ink;

▪ High light fastness;

▪ Good permeability, used with matching Blank acid ink, the penetration effect can reach the bottom of the carpet.

▪ Equipped with a special color fixing agent for carpets to meet the needs of carpet customers without washing.

▪ Safety and environmental protection, heavy metal content meets international standards.

▪ Passed the test of the international authoritative environmental protection agency, meeting the international environmental protection standard.

Carpet Direct Printing Process with Acid Inks

carpet direct printing with acid inks

Supporting Additives:

* Special color fixing agent AA-03

* Ink guide liquid

* Cleaning doctor

* Nozzle protection liquid PL-01

acid carpet printing ink

Qualification of Hongsam Acid Carpet Printing Ink

1. The acid ink for carpets printing owns national invention patent and independent intellectual property rights.

2. The water-based acid carpets ink was successfully selected into the Catalogs of the 12th Lot for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Issued by China's Printing and Dyeing Industry.

3. Hongsam Digital is the drafting unit of the national standard for acid dye ink.

4. The digital printing acid carpet printing ink is very environmentally friendly, passed the ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX®.

Carpets Industry

Carpet is a soft flooring material made of cotton, fibre, wool, silk, grass and other natural fibers or chemical synthetic fiber materials. Carpet is one of the traditional arts and crafts categories with a long history in the world, widely used on the ground of residences, hotels, office buildings, gymnasiums, exhibition halls, vehicles, ships, aircrafts, etc., with the effects of sound absorption, sound insulation, heat preservation, dust prevention, skid resistance, comfort, decoration and beautification of the environment.

Carpets can be divided into commercial carpets, household carpets, and industrial carpets according to their functions. Commercial carpets are often used in hotels, office buildings, offices, restaurants and other places; household carpets, as the name suggests, are for home use; industrial carpets are only used for decoration of automobiles, airplanes, passenger ships, trains, etc.

Carpets can be divided into wool carpets, chemical fiber carpets and plastic carpets according to their materials. Wool carpets are mostly made of wool.; chemical fiber carpets include nylon carpets, polyester carpets, modified polyester carpets, acrylic carpets, etc; plastic carpet is made of various auxiliary materials such as polyvinyl chloride resin and plasticizer.

Hongsam® SILKMATE® carpet printing acid dye ink is specially researched and developed for carpet printing.

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Hongsam Digital Carpet Printing Solutions

Hongsam Digital Carpet Printing Solutions

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