HONGSAM Participated in the 20th Shanghai International Advertising Technology and Equipment Exhibition
Jan 29,2024
Hongsam Digital

The 20th Shanghai International Advertising Technology and Equipment Exhibition, the world's largest advertising sign exhibition event, was held grandly at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on July 11 to 14, 2012. Shanghai International Advertising Equipment Exhibition is the only brand exhibition in the field of advertising signs in China that has been certified by the UFI International Exhibition Industry Association. The Exhibition cooperated closely with more than 20 foreign professional associations and invited buyers from all over the world to visit in groups. Nearly 2,000 exhibiting companies and more than 100,000 professional visitors at home and abroad participated in the Exhibition.

Hongsam Digital, as a professional inkjet ink manufacturer and your partner in inkjet solutions, participated in the Exhibition. With ten years of unremitting efforts, Hongsam Digital selected mature solutions on advertising, textile printing, home decoration, digital imaging, high-end art reproduction, special printing and other industries for display. HONGSAM full range of inkjet inks with excellent quality will surely meet your different printing needs and help you develop further in the inkjet industry.

Booth number: W3-369
Exhibition time: July 11-14, 2012
Exhibition location: Shanghai New International Expo Center

HONGSAM Exhibited Printing Solutions:

Flag and banner printing solution with "Flag King™" flag and banner-specific disperse dye ink: the solution is more suitable for mass industrial production. At the Shanghai International Advertising Equipment Exhibition, HONGSAM demonstrated the perfect combination of high-efficiency production capacity and high-quality color expression. Coupled with high cost-effectiveness, excellent-fluency "Flag King™" disperse ink specifically designed for banner printing, the solution demonstrated waterless printing on chemical fiber decorative fabrics and flag fabrics, which was well received by visitors.

HongJet wallpaper printing solution with "JETALL®" water-based pigment ink: the wallpaper printing solution used a new wallpaper-specific digital printing piezoelectric water-based pigment ink, and the ink has both strong color fastness and scratch resistance according to the requirements of home decoration wallpaper. This solution has been maturely used in the home decoration industry and can truly achieve small-scale production. It is the best choice for your personalized wallpaper and mural production.

Direct to garment printing solution with Jettextile®" textile pigment ink: the direct to garment printing solution is maturely used in printing personalized T-shirts, advertising shirts, and garment printing, and completely realized waterless printing. At the Shanghai International Advertising Equipment Exhibition, the DTG printing solution with Jettextile®" textile pigment ink demonstrated directly printing black T-shirts, and attracted many on-site visitors to stop and watch.

HONGJET flatbed printer uses Hongsam UV light-curing ink to meet your needs for direct printing on KT boards, glass, ceramics and other special materials.

High-end oil painting reproduction solution with Hongsam® fourth-generation pigment ink: The improved Hongsam® fourth-generation pigment ink inherited the original waterproof and lightfast properties of the Hongsam® pigment ink, with excellent performance. The ink has been optimized specifically for the industry needs of art reproduction customers, with better fluency and better color reproduction.


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