Hongsam Digital Participated in the 22nd Spring (Zhengzhou) China Central Sign Show 2013
Apr 19,2024

In the warm spring of March, everything is renewed. From March 19th to March 21st, 2013, the Spring (Zhengzhou) China Central Sign Show 2013 Began at Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center, one of China's modern exhibition halls. Nearly a thousand exhibitors, professional visitors and customers from all over the country gathered at the Zhengzhou International Convention and Exhibition Center. As a domestic professional inkjet ink manufacturer and inkjet printing solution provider, Hongsam Digital participated the exhibition and exhibited new inkjet application solutions.

HONGSAM booth number: A656

Zhengzhou Hongsam Digital Science and Technology Co., Ltd. - Dongfeng Road Branch was the core distributor of Roland RA640 and Roland FH740 series photo machines in Henan, the certified seller of CANON large format printers in North China, CANON certified large-format printer repair shop, Hongjet application solution seller, and Hongsam Digital full range of consumables agent, participated the exhibition on behalf of HONGSAM, and exhibited complete sets of inkjet application solutions, demonstrating advanced large-format printing technology on-site, to meet the procurement needs of domestic and foreign industry users.

Coated Paper Printing Solution:
Hongsam Digital relied on the powerful functions of "JETALL®" water-based pigment ink to launch a digital proofing solution that can directly print various design patterns on commonly used coated paper, gold and silver cardboard and other media. Hongsam can also provide inkjet printer. In addition, the "JETALL®" water-based pigment ink cartridge launched by Hongsam Digital had also been recognized by users, because the ink cartridge is plug-and-play and very convenient. At this Exhibition, Hongsam Digital used "JETALL®" water-based pigment ink to directly print ordinary coated paper, the output patterns were the same as printed matter, attracting many visitors.

Non-waterproof Photo Paper Printing Solution:
The digital imaging industry has very high requirements for the color restoration, color saturation, light resistance and weather resistance of inkjet inks. Hongsam water-based dye ink is suitable for many large-format printers. It has a wide color gamut, high color saturation and light resistance in dye inks. The ink performance is stable and can well protect the nozzle. Hongsam Digital can provide high-quality and comprehensive solutions for users in the digital imaging industry, to meet the individual needs of different users.

Water-based Pigment Ink Canvas and Silk Printing Solutions:
As an important means of art reproduction, inkjet printing has played an important role in digital printing in recent years that cannot be replaced or surpassed by offset printing. Hongsam canvas printing pigment ink met the needs of customers. Hongsam canvas printing pigment ink was with high-density black, high fastness, wide media adaptability, fast drying and good smoothness, especially suitable for high-end oil painting artwork reproduction. At the China Central Sign Show 2013, the pigment ink showed color expression on canvas and silk, and its bright color output won unanimous praise from the visitors.

HotMe™ Thermal Transfer Ink Plush Fabric, Swimwear Fabric, and Polyester Printing Solutions:
Hongsam Digital presented plush fabric, swimwear fabric, polyester printing solutions using HotMe™ second-generation thermal transfer ink at the China Central Sign Show 2013. HotMe™ second-generation thermal transfer ink was made of updated technology and original pulp based on the original thermal transfer ink, it retained its bright color, and the ink fluency, color saturation, fastness, paper quick-drying and adhesion had been greatly improved, especially suitable for roll-to roll cloth printing.

"Flag King™" Dispersed Direct Printing Ink Flag Cloth Printing Solution:
The "Flag King™" disperse ink for flag fabric printing was no longer unfamiliar in the industry. This solution used HJ-4180 thermal color development equipment to produce flag banners using  "Flag King™" disperse ink with excellent smooth performance, which can well meet the needs of the industry. At the China Central Sign Show 2013, the HJ-4180, cooperated with "Flag King™" disperse ink to print large-format flags on-site. The bright color restoration and high-quality color reproduction won the unanimously praise by visitors.

Hongsam Water-based Dye Ink Self-Adhesive PP Paper Printing Solution:
At the China Central Sign Show 2013, Hongsam water-based dye ink showed its excellent light fastness, weather resistance and waterproofness, which highlighted the color accuracy and color saturation of Hongsam digital imaging printing inks, meeting the high-quality needs of inkjet inks in the advertising and imaging industries.

Hongsam Digital will continue to provide complete inkjet application solutions for users in various industries and promote the continuous progress of digital inkjet technology!

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