How to Choose Digital Printing Inks for Polyester Fabrics?
Jun 15,2024
For general requirements: heat transfer inks or sublimation ink;
For higher requirements on color migration fastness: color-resistant heat transfer inks;
For higher requirements on sunlight fastness: high sunlight fastness thermal transfer inks;

For higher quality and color fastness requirements: high-temperature direct printing disperse dye ink.

1. General Heat Transfer Ink / Sublimation Ink

Available colors: K/C/M/Y/LC/LM
Applicable nozzles: EPSON I3200 8-head, 12-head, 15-head, 30-head, and other multi-head high-speed transfer paper printing machines and EPSON S3200 printhead transfer paper printing machine.

1. High color concentration, meeting customers’ requirements for color and quick drying.
2. Suitable for printing on light thin paper, with fast drying speed, wrinkle-free printing process, smooth winding.
3. In terms of fluency, the high-speed sublimaiton ink can print continuously for 500 meters without ink breaking. After various tests and user feedback, it is not necessary to clean the nozzles after continuous printing.
4. Low ink consumption, saving costs.
5. High color gamut, high color density, high transfer rate, and less ink residue on the transfer paper.

2. HOTME® High Migration Fastness Thermal Transfer Ink

When ordinary thermal transfer products encounter hot and humid conditions during storage and transportation, the dye molecules inside the printed fabric fibers will migrate, resulting in color overlapping. Especially for some high-end fabrics, the printing cost is high. In order to solve the problem, Hongsam Digital launched HOTME® high migration fastness sublimation ink.

Available colors: C/M/Y/K
Applicable printheads: Epson, Ricoh, Starlight, Seiko, KM, etc.

1. The color migration fastness of color migration fastness sublimation ink is high, one level higher than that of ordinary sublimation ink. It is suitable for transfer digital printing of high-end clothing fabrics and clothing customers who have specific needs for color migration fastness.
2. Using new particle dispersion technology, the ink performance is more stable.
3. Bright colors and high degree of restoration.
4. Excellent standby and smooth performance, meeting needs of high-speed printing.

3. HOTME® High light Fastness Sublimation Ink

Available colors: K/C/M/Y/B/TB
Applicable printheads: Epson, Ricoh, Starlight, Seiko, KM, etc.

1. The sunlight fastness of high light fastness sublimation ink is 1-2 levels higher than that of ordinary ink. It is used in industries with high sunlight fastness such as sportswear, outdoor sportswear, swimwear, umbrellas, tents, high-end advertising exhibitions, shoe materials, sun protection clothing and other materials made of polyester.
2. Wide color gamut, bright colors and high saturation.
3. Excellent fluency and start-up, protecting the nozzle.
4. Wide compatibility, suitable for digital printers with different printheads and different boards.

4. HOTME® High Temperature Disperse Direct Printing Ink

With the large number of applications of polyester fabrics, especially the upgrading requirements for fabric quality in middle and high-end clothing and home textile fabrics industry, high-temperature disperse direct printing ink. High-temperature disperse direct printing ink has the characteristics of not using thermal transfer paper and non-sublimation. It is specially designed for high fastness and high migration resistance, solving the problem of easy color migration of thermal transfer ink. High-temperature direct printing disperse dye inks are especially suitable for printing clothing fabrics with high color fastness requirements, such as shoe materials and bras that require secondary high-temperature molding.

Available colors: K/C/M/Y/VM/LVM/LC/GY/R/OR/B/FM/FY/FOR
Applicable nozzles: Epson, Ricoh, Starlight, Seiko, KM, etc.

1. High sublimation resistance, high migration resistance, high sunlight fastness, stable color development.
2. The colors are bright and delicate, with a wide color gamut, ultra-high blackness, bright red, navy blue, sapphire blue and other spot colors and light colors.
3. Unique formula design, low smoke during drying and color development, reducing waste steam emissions, improving environmental protection, and improving factory working conditions.
4. Compared with conventional disperse direct printing ink, greatly reduce water washing, increase the life of the guide tape, and reduce the maintenance pressure.
5. The high-temperature direct printing disperse dye ink has good directional permeability, which can not only penetrate into the fiber well, but also ensure the required accuracy of the pattern.
6. Excellent fluency and stability, protecting the nozzle, suitable for industrial production of high-speed scanners and One-pass printing.

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