Disperse Dye Inks
Direct Printing Sublimation Ink
  • Registered trademark: HOTME®
  • Company type: Manufacturer
  • Colors: C/M/Y/K/LC/LM/LK/LLK/B/OR/FM/FY
  • Applicable printhead models: Epson, Ricoh, Seiko, KM, Kyocera, Starfire
  • Application: HOTME® sublimation direct printing ink is suitable for digital direct printing of polyester, such as carpets, textile fabrics, flag fabrics, etc.
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Introduction to Low-temperature Disperse Dye Ink

Hongsam HOTME® disperse dye inks can be divided into two types: sublimation ink and direct printing disperse ink (high-energy direct printing sublimation ink, low-temperature disperse ink, DTF® washing-free direct-printing disperse ink).

For high temperature direct printing solution, our high energy direct printing dye ink is directly printed on the fabric, and the ink can penetrate into the fabric well.

Supporting auxiliary products

* Cleaning doctor

* Print heads protection liquid,

* Ink guide liquid

Hongsam has developed a full range of disperse dye inks, and can provide transfer printing and direct-injection digital printing solutions according to various requirements on fastness. According to the different fabrics of customers, and the different sewage discharge capabilities of baking, steaming and washing, we provide different solutions.

Low-temperature Disperse Ink

Qualification of Low-temperature Sublimation Direct Printing Ink

1. The low-temperature direct fabric printing disperse ink owns national invention patent and independent intellectual property rights.

2. In 2013, the low-temperature direct printing sublimation ink was successfully selected into the Catalogs for Energy Conservation and Emission Reduction Issued by China's Printing and Dyeing Industry.

3. Hongsam Digital is the drafting unit of the national standard for disperse dye ink.

4. The polyester fabric direct printing ink is very environmentally friendly, passed the ECO PASSPORT by OEKO-TEX®.

Advantages of Low-temperature Direct Printing Sublimation Ink

1. The low-temperature direct printing sublimation ink is with wide color gamut, and we can provide a variety of color schemes;

2. The carpet printing ink is with high saturation, excellent color and detail reproduction;

3. The polyester fabrics ink is with excellent fluency and start-up, protecting the nozzle;

4. The polyester printing ink is with wide compatibility, suitable for digital printers with different nozzles and different boards;

5. The permeability of the ink is good, which can solve the problem of fiber turning and whitening.

6. Hongsam Digital provides (HD type) high-density ink with high transfer rate and darker color, saving 10%-30% ink than ordinary disperse ink.

Low-temperature Disperse Ink

Using Method and Notes of Low-temperature Disperse Ink

Using Methods:

1. After opening, the ink can be directly poured into ink cartridges to be used, any diluting or mixing is not needed.

2. When installing printer or replacing ink, please clean it with pure water first, then clean the pipeline of printer with matched cleaning solution, and then clean the pipeline with pure water (mineral water cannot be used instead of pure water) before putting ink.

3. The specific transfer temperature and time is determined according to the printer, fabric and required transfer effect.

4. The transfer printing process and ICC curve are very important to the color performance. If you need color management services, please contact us in time;

5. For black sublimation inks, different concentrations and color tones are available.


1. Working environment: room temperature 20-25℃, humidity 60-70% RH, dust-free.

2. It is strictly forbidden to drink this product, please place the ink out of reach of children.

3. It is strictly forbidden to mix with other types of ink.

4. The shelf life is 1 years in a closed, cool and light-proof environment. It is recommended to use it within two months after opening.

Low-temperature Disperse Ink

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