Characteristics, Applications and Printing Inks of Coated Paper, Offset Paper and Corrugated Cardboard
May 22,2024

Coated Paper

1. Characteristics

Coated paper, also known as coated printing paper, is a high-grade printing paper made of base paper coated with white paint. Although the surface of coated paper is relatively smooth, its rough texture can easily lead to a reduction in printing effect.

2. Main applications

Coated paper is mainly used for printing covers and illustrations of high-end books, periodicals, color pictures, exquisite advertisements, samples, product packaging, trademarks, etc. Coated paper is often used in some mass printing situations due to its faster printing speed and lower cost.

3. Printing Inks

Categories of Coated Paper Printing Inks
A: Coated paper printing ink for medium and low speed printing.
B: Coated paper printing pigment ink for high-speed printing, matched with special coating liquid.

Advantages of Coated Paper Printing Inks
1.Hongsam coated paper printing ink is water-based Nano pigment ink, green and environmentally friendly, meets various stringent safety and environmental protection requirements.
2.The coated paper pigment ink is made of optimized raw materials, with high stability.
3.The color of finished products is vivid, while the image is smooth and delicate, with high saturation and high color reproduction.
4.Hongsam coated paper printing ink is with good fluency, excellent continuous printing performance, meeting the requirements of industrial production.
5.Finished products are waterproof, sunscreen, scratch resistance, excellent fastness, etc.
6.The coated paper printing ink is made by unique formula, which can not only be dried quickly on a wide range of medias, but also keep the printhead fully wet when the printer is in standby.

7.The coated paper printing ink protects printheads, and the printheads can be quickly restored to the best state even after a long shutdown.

coated paper printing ink

Offset Paper

1. Characteristics

Offset paper is one of the typical representative paper for cultural and book printing. Offset paper has advantages of small stretchability, uniform ink absorption, good smoothness, tight and opaque texture, and strong water resistance. The colors include not only natural white/beige, but also dyed colored offset paper.

2. Main applications

Offset paper is widely used, such as books and textbooks, followed by magazines, product catalogs, maps, calendars, covers, inserts, product instructions, manuals, comics, cartoon books, advertising posters, corporate albums, leaflets, envelopes, notebooks, forms, office/official paper, business cards, color trademarks and various packaging materials, etc.

3. Printing Inks

* After long-term market follow-up, research and development, Hongsam Digital launched special pigment ink for printing offset paper in 2020.

* As an important medium for POD printing, offset paper has good ink adaptability compared with traditional offset printing process.

Advantages of Offset Paper Printing Pigment Ink
1.Hongsam offset paper printing ink is made of top grade pigments, with average particle size ≤200nm (D90).
2.Hongsam offset paper pigment ink is with super high black density, bright colors, wide color gamut, etc.
3.Hongsam special pigment ink for offset paper has excellent waterproof performance and good weather resistance.
4.Hongsam water-based offset paper pigment ink has high stability and safety, and excellent continuous printing performance.

5.Hongsam offset paper pigment ink protects print heads of printers, suitable for high-speed continuous printing.

Offset Paper Printing Pigment Ink

Corrugated Cardboard

1. Characteristics

Corrugated cardboard is a plate made of liner paper and corrugated paper formed by corrugating roller processing. It is generally divided into single corrugated board and double corrugated board. According to the size of the corrugated board, it is divided into: A, B, C , E, F five types. The invention and application of corrugated paper has a history of more than 100 years. It has the advantages of low cost, light weight, easy processing, high strength, excellent printing adaptability, and convenient storage and transportation. More than 80% of corrugated paper can be recycled, and corrugated paper can be used as packaging for food or digital products, it is relatively environmentally friendly and widely used.

2. Main applications

Corrugated boxes are made of corrugated cardboard and are the most widely used paper container packaging and are widely used for transportation packaging. The reason why corrugated cartons are widely used is that they have many unique advantages: ① Good buffering performance. ② Lightweight and strong. ③ Small appearance size. ④ Low cost. ⑤  Convenient for automated production. ⑥ The amount of metal used is small. ⑦ Good printing performance. ⑧ Can be recycled and reused.

3. Printing Inks

* For water-based corrugated cardboard pigment ink: In addition to the basic four colors, PROCESS MAGENTA is also available, and we supply white pigment ink to increase the color performance.
* For water-based corrugated cardboard dye ink: In addition to the basic four colors, bright red ink is also available to achieve the high saturation color of yellow card corrugated card box.
* For special pigment ink for coating cartons: only the basic four colors are available.
* Hongsam Digital also supplies special sunscreen corrugated cardboard box dye ink and waterproof corrugated cardboard dye ink.

Advantages of Digital Printing Ink for Corrugated Cardboard Box
1. Hongsam corrugated cardboard pigment ink has good imaging effect, quick drying and ink saving, waterproof and scratch resistant.
2. Hongsam corrugated paper pigment ink and dye ink has excellent fluency, meeting the needs of high-speed printing.
3. Hongsam pigment ink and dye ink for corrugated cardboard are made by unique technology to reduce ink infiltration and form high-density and high-saturation patterns.
4. The image is smooth, delicate and vivid in color, it is often called fast drying corrugated paper ink.
5. We supply two kinds of digital printing inks for reference: water-based pigment ink and water-based dye ink.

* For different corrugated box printing inks, pre-treatment, post-treatment liquids and coating liquids can be equipped with, so as to achieve better colors and better waterproof effects.

corrugated cardboard pigment ink

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