Hongsam Digital Participated in the 15th Cross-Strait Textile and Garment Expo in 2012
Jan 25,2024
The 15th Cross-Strait Textile and Clothing Expo, co-sponsored by the Fujian Provincial People's Government and the Taiwan Textile Development Association and other units, was grandly held in Shishi City, Fujian Province from April 18th to 21st, 2012.

Shishi City, Fujian Province is China's textile and clothing production base and distribution center, and is also a "famous city for casual clothing in China". The clothing sector, formed with Shishi as the center and connecting Jinjiang, Quanzhou and other surrounding areas, has more than 10,000 textile and clothing companies with an annual output value of more than 100 billion yuan in 2012. A textile and clothing industry chain has been formed, covering textile, dyeing and finishing, garment processing, accessories, marketing and other fields, with obvious advantages in industrial clusters.

Zhengzhou Hongsam Digital Science and Technology Co., Ltd., as a professional consumables manufacturer in the textile digital printing industry, participated in this exhibition with superior products and the best printing solutions in the digital printing industry.

Booth number: D269/D272
Time: April 18-21, 2012
Location: Hall 3, Textile Dyeing, Finishing and Sewing Machinery and Equipment Professional Market, Shishi City, Fujian Province.

Displayed Printing Solutions:

1. T-shirt Printing Solution with JETTEXTILE® Textile Pigment Ink
JETTEXTILE® Textile Pigment Ink is one of the "five golden flowers" of HONGSAM textile printing ink. In 2012, Hongsam Digital upgraded its printing fastness, color system and color performance based on the accumulation of early market feedback. Through comprehensive optimization and upgrading, the soaping fastness of the new generation product was improved by about 1 level compared with the previous product, the wet rubbing fastness was increased by half a level to one level, and the dry rubbing fastness was all at level 4-5, reaching the highest level of textile pigment printing.

2. Thermal Transfer Printing Solution with "HOTME®" Sublimation Ink

The second generation HOTME® thermal transfer ink was made of the latest technology and original pulp. It basically solved a series of problems reported by the market. The sublimation ink was with good fluency, bright colors, wide color gamut, excellent fastness, good quick drying on thermal transfer paper, and high adhesion fastness. HOTME® thermal transfer inkjet printing solution can transfer digital patterns to chemical fiber (polyester) fabrics. It had the advantages of bright colors, waterproof and washable, which can be compared with the effect of screen printing.

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