Hongsam Digital Participated in the 2012 Drupa Printing and Paper Expo in Germany
Jan 25,2024
The Drupa exhibition was hosted by Dusseldorf Messe Co., Ltd. in Germany. It is held every four years and is a famous international printing exhibition. Drupa not only predicts the development trend of printing technology in the next four to five years, but also provides an ideal business negotiation platform for enterprises in the printing industry.

The passed Drupa 2008 used 17 exhibition halls and outdoor exhibition areas at the Dusseldorf Exhibition Center. There were nearly 2,000 exhibitors from 52 countries around the world, and nearly 400,000 visitors from 140 countries. Drupa International Printing and Paper Exhibition (Drupa) is known as the "Olympics of the Printing Industry" and is a barometer reflecting the development trends of the global printing, papermaking, publishing and media industries.

Drupa 2012 was held from May 3 to 16, 2012 in Dusseldorf, which once again focused on the major trends in the entire industry.

In 2012, the booming Chinese printing market was also reflected in the huge number of exhibitors: Chinese exhibitors occupied about 11,000 square meters of booths, an area that has almost doubled compared with 2008. As a professional inkjet ink manufacturer in China, Hongsam Digital strives to go beyond ink and be your inkjet printing partner, and participated in this event as one of the industry representative companies.

Exhibition time: May 3-16, 2012
Location: Dusseldorf, Germany
Booth number: Hall 3 F93

Hongsam Digital exhibited four mature printing solutions at Drupa 2012, covering digital printing, advertising, textile printing, digital home decoration and other industries, fully demonstrating its strong R&D strength and progress in promoting digital printing.

1.Coated Paper Printing Solution with Hongsam JETALL® Water-based Pigment Ink

Hongsam JETALL® water-based pigment ink attracted widespread attention since its launch. Its green and environmentally friendly direct printing of various uncoated media not only attracted the attention of China Central Television, but also received great recognition from industry experts and users. It passed the objective evaluation by FLAAR REPORT and was highly recommended to the majority of users in the inkjet industry. At Drupa 2012, visitors witnessed the elegance of this ink on site, at the same time, direct printing on wallpaper and other uncoated medias was also demonstrated on site, demonstrating its powerful function of "high-performance" printing.

Coated Paper Printing

2.Flags, Banners and Curtains Direct Printing Solutions with "Flag King" Disperse Dye Ink

As a new product launched by Hongsam in 2012, "Flag King" disperse ink was more suitable for the production process of direct disperse printing. It has the obvious advantages of low cost, bright colors and excellent smoothness. Once launched, it has attracted the attention of domestic piezoelectric photo equipment manufacturers.

Disperse Dye Ink

3.Garment Printing Solution with JETTEXTILE® Textile Pigment Ink

JETTEXTILE® Textile Pigment Ink is one of the "five golden flowers" of HONGSAM textile printing ink. In 2012, Hongsam Digital upgraded its printing fastness, color system and color performance based on the accumulation of early market feedback. Through comprehensive optimization and upgrading, the soaping fastness of the new generation product was improved by about 1 level compared with the previous product, the wet rubbing fastness was increased by half a level to one level, and the dry rubbing fastness was all at level 4-5, reaching the highest level of textile pigment printing. Moreover, Hongsam Digital also released white textile pigment ink, making it possible to print on dark fabrics and solving all problems of textile pigment ink printing.

Textile Pigment Ink

Textile Pigment Ink

Textile Pigment Ink

4.Photo Paper, Canvas, Silk Cloth and High-end Image Printing Solutions with HONGSAM Pigment Ink

HONGSAM pigment ink, as a representative brand of high-end pigment ink in the imaging industry, was one of Hongsam best-selling products. As the only ink manufacturer in China that applies pigment ink to thermal foam printers, Hongsam once again showed the world the quality of "HONGSAM 6" pigment ink at Drupa 2012.

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