Sailing---The Theme of HONGSAM in 2024
Jan 31,2024

We moved forward and chased our dreams together!
We moved forward and overcame difficulties courageously!
We overcame obstacles and achieved win-win cooperation along the way!
Looking back of 2023, challenges and opportunities coexist!
We forged ahead and gained countless honors!
Looking forward to 2024, we will meet new challenges!
We will sail and move forward again!
Strive and sail for a new journey in 2024!

Definition of Sailing

The theme of HONGSAM in 2023 is "Oaring", pull oars and move forward bravely, hundreds of teams compete for getting the champion! Hundreds of boats rowing in the rapids of the river, those who rowed hard came to the front.

In 2023, HONGSAM people worked and paddled hard to reach a new development platform and received many recognition and praise.

In 2023, Hongsam team has become more mature and stable, taking “products + services” as competitive factors, together with technological innovation, to empower customers and add luster to partners.

In 2023, with Hongsam inkjet ink industry as the core and Hongjet digital printing solutions and iQipa digital printing as two wings, the development strategy of "one center, two wings" was further established. The second and third and fourth production bases are already under preparation.

In 2023, we have developed in the process of "oaring", and we really oared in development.

We know that a greater future is waiting for us.

According to the voting results of 2024 theme words, the word "Sailing" is the most popular word. "Sailing" takes over the theme word "Oaring" in 2023, and "Sailing" is the continuation and sublimation of "Oaring". Break through the waves and move forward with determination.
As the saying goes: We will eventually hang our sails and sail across the sea!

Sailing is originally a word in the world of navigation, which means to raise the sails and start a long voyage with the help of the monsoon wind. China's manufacturing industry has begun to shoulder the heavy responsibility of the world's manufacturing industry. Only by setting sail can it shoulder the great trust of the Chinese nation, assume the important task of national rejuvenation, lead the world trend in the inkjet industry, and assume the world's responsibility for China's inkjet technology. HONGSAM products have entered 120 countries and regions around the world, which shows that the demand for inkjet technology is a universal demand in the world. 2024 is the "Year of Foreign Trade" for HONGSAM, and we are about to set sail, expand our size, and show our strength, which represents the courage and hope of our team.

Starting a business is difficult, and maintaining success is also not easy. An expedition with a dream in mind requires the courage to break through the mountains. Facing problems in progress and troubles in development, keeping pace with the times, and constantly pioneering and innovating are best inherit and development of HONGSAM.

Founded in 2001, Zhengzhou Hongsam Digital Science and Technology Co., Ltd. is a national high-tech enterprise focusing on the research and development, production and sales of inkjet inks, and a Public Listed Company in National Equities Exchange and Quotations (Stock Code: 430616). Since its establishment, Hongsam Digital has been committed to the research, development and application promotion of digital inkjet technology, developing and producing functional and environmentally friendly inkjet inks that adapt to the progress of digital inkjet technology, and providing customers with integrated solutions and service for digital inkjet printing.


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