2024 HONGSAM Annual Meeting and New Product Launch Conference
Jan 23,2024
On January 20, 2024, HONGSAM Annual Meeting and New Product Launch Conference was hosted at Zhengzhou Huazhi Hotel. HONGSAM traders, dealers, and employees in China gathered together to review the glorious achievements of the 2023 and look forward to the bright blueprint for the 2024.

HONGSAM Annual Meeting

1. Entrance and Signature

Life requires a sense of ritual, and every important gathering is worth remembering. Before the Annual Meeting and New Product Launch Conference, HONGSAM traders and dealers, as important partners of HONGSAM, took up pen and solemnly signed their names on the signature wall at this special moment, this is not just a simple signature, but also a good expectation and firm commitment to future cooperation.

HONGSAM Annual Meeting

2. New Product Launch Conference

Mr. Qin Guosheng, Chairman of HONGSAM, made a speech

HONGSAM Annual Meeting

Zhang Dong, general manager of the Digital Imaging Department, grandly released two new products, HONGJET-ArtSmart and HONGJET-Inspur. He introduced the product advantages and detailed configurations that are more suitable for the industry, which aroused enthusiastic responses from the guests present.

Li Kelei, general manager of Hongjet® Business Department, gave a wonderful sharing on the application of Jetall® water-based latex printing solution and released new latex printing solutions, bringing a visual feast of technology and innovation.

Xie Jing, general manager of the Digital Textile Printing Department, introduced the five series of HONGSAM digital textile printing inks: "Jettextile®" textile pigment ink, "HOTME®" disperse dye ink, "ReactoMe®" reactive dye ink, "Silkmate®" acid dye ink and "HONGSAM®" cationic dye ink, while also introduced the HONGSAM qualifications and honors, demonstrating strong scientific research strength of HONGSAM.

Chen Shaonan, senior product manager of the Digital Printing Division, introduced the development of digital printing ink, demonstrated the Single Pass application of pigment ink for POD book printing and dye ink for corrugated paper printing, and analyzed the future development trend of digital printing ink.

HONGSAM new product launch

3. 2024 Target Word: Sailing

Mr. Qin Guosheng, Chairman of HONGSAM, first expressed his warm welcome and heartfelt thanks to traders and dealers from all over the country, friends from all walks of life and HONGSAM employees who came to attend the annual meeting, and then shared corporate culture and scientific research results of HONGSAM with everyone, which not only demonstrated the strong corporate culture over more than 20 years, but also the strong R&D strength of HONGSAM.

HONGSAM Annual Meeting

HONGSAM has a unique corporate culture, which is to determine a target word every year to indicate the work direction and determine goals for the coming year. Firstly, Mr. Qin led everyone to review the target words over the past years: Survival, Resources, Brand, Progress, Efficiency, Collaboration, Change, Growth, Management, Dusing, Refinement, Service, Focusing, Dedication, Transcendence, Connection, Communication, Linkage, Win-win, Advancement, Endeavor, and then announced the 2024 target words: Sailing!

China's manufacturing industry has begun to shoulder the heavy responsibility of the world's manufacturing industry. Only by setting sail can it shoulder the great trust of the Chinese nation, assume the important task of national rejuvenation, lead the world trend in the inkjet industry, and assume the world's responsibility for China's inkjet technology. Our products have entered into 120 countries and regions around the world, which shows that the demand for inkjet technology is a universal demand in the world.

It is difficult to start a business, and it is not easy to maintain success. Facing problems in progress and troubles in development, we will keep pace with the times and constantly pioneer and innovate in 2024 and the future.

2024 target word of HONGSAM

4. Award Ceremony

HONGSAM not only has an excellent helmsman, but also a group of hard-working HONGSAM  people. Because of their hard work and enterprising spirit, HONGSAM has achieved today's fruitful results. It is precisely because of their continuous growth that HONGSAM will have a more brilliant tomorrow. To commend the advanced employees, set an example and learn from the advanced employees, HONGSAM commended the advanced individuals and teams in the past year.

HONGSAM award cenemony

HONGSAM has been deeply involved in the inkjet industry for 23 years. Along the way, the steady development cannot be separated from the trust, support and sincere cooperation of all partners! Under the business philosophy of "HONGSAM Plus", we are guided by "user thinking", strengthen internal technology and external services, and unite upstream and downstream partners in the industry to form a huge customer network. "User thinking" keeps everyone in close contact and makes the community of "HONGSAM+". In 2024, if we interact and connect together, empower with wisdom, and integrate resources, we will be unstoppable. Thank you to all partners for your continued trust and support, and HONGSAM awarded excellent partners in the ceremony.

excellent dealers of HONGSAM

5. Party

After the commendation, a wonderful party followed, with dance, songs, drums, national style show, lion drum performance and other exciting performances, what a visual and auditory feast. In addition, mini-games and lucky draws were also interspersed during the party, which made the atmosphere more lively. It’s a very successful party with joy and happiness.

HONGSAM Annual Meeting

-Looking back on the past, we have firm confidence.
-Looking to the future, we are confident.
-The road is long, so we will set sail again.
-The war drums have been beaten, the trumpets have been blown.
-We will greet new challenges and create new brilliance with more enthusiasm and stronger faith.

-Let’s set sail and work together for a new chapter in 2024.

HONGSAM Annual Meeting

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