Beijing Hongjet Digital (Subsidiary of HONGSAM) Participated in the 13th Beijing International Wallpaper Fabric and Home Decoration Expo
Jan 22,2024

Since its establishment in 2004, the biannual "China International Wallpaper and Fabric Exhibition" has been held in Beijing in the spring and in Shanghai in the autumn. After seven years of development, it has successfully established its status as "Asia Top 1" professional wallpaper and fabric exhibition. The last exhibition came to a successful conclusion at the New China International Exhibition Center in Beijing from March 2 to March 5, 2011. More than 2,000 domestic and foreign manufacturers from 30 countries and regions participated in the exhibition. It gethered a large number of high-end products from home and abroad, which are highly valued by domestic and foreign exhibitors in the wallpaper industry. The Wallpaper Exhibition has various forms, multiple levels, and effective systematic promotion activities, making it truly the Top 1 wallpaper exhibition in Asia.

Beijing Hongjet Digital Printing participated in this exhibition as a professional digital printing solution provider for the production of decorative materials.
Booth number: Hall W4 C07A/B
Exhibition time: March 5-8, 2012
Location: China International Exhibition Center (new building).

The following solutions were on display:
Hongjet water-based pigment ink wallpaper printing solution
"Hongcai 6" water-based pigment ink decorative paintings printing solution
Hongjet flatbed printer and Hongsam UV light-curing inkjet ink printing solution for printing special materials such as glass, ceramics, and KT boards

1. Hongjet water-based pigment ink wallpaper printing solution: using wallpaper-specific digital printing piezoelectric water-based pigment ink. The ink was upgraded with two new features: strong color fastness and scratch resistance according to the requirements of home decoration wallpaper. The processing width of Hongjet wallpaper printer is as large as 1650mm, which to a large extent meets the application requirements and achieves relatively high production efficiency.

2. "Hongcai 6" water-based pigment ink decorative paintings printing solution: This solution consists of EPSON Stylus Pro 7880C, "Hongcai 6" pigment ink, RIP output software and ICC generation software. At the exhibition, Beijing Hongjet Graphic Arts took the audience to experience the 8-color Epson 7880C large-format printer with excellent output quality. "Hongcai 6" water-based pigment ink is with bright colors and excellent fastness, and high-speed and ultra-high-precision printing effect.

3. Beijing Hongjet Digital demonstrated the solution of HONGJET flatbed printer and Hongsam pigment ink to print advertising boards. The HONGJET flatbed printer has a truly industrial production platform adsorption system that can adsorb different printing materials; the height of the nozzle is adjustable and can print materials with different thicknesses, quickly realizing your dream of multi-purpose industrial production. With the environmentally friendly, smooth and colorful Hongsam pigment ink, glass, ceramic tiles, ceilings and other materials were printed on-site, which won unanimous praise from the visitors.

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