HONGSAM Participated in the 19th Autumn China Zhengzhou Zhongyuan Advertising Exhibition 2011
Jan 02,2024
Since 1999, Zhongyuan Advertising Exhibition has been successfully held for 18 consecutive sessions, establishing its influence in the field of advertising logos and developing into the third largest advertising exhibition brand after Shanghai and Guangdong. Since its establishment, the exhibition area of Zhongyuan Advertising Exhibition has been continuously expanded, and the number of professional visitors has doubled. It has become the most important display and trading platform in the field of advertising signs in central and northern China. The unlimited business opportunities in the north-central China will undoubtedly become a huge driving force and guarantee for the Zhongyuan Advertising Exhibition.

In the spring of 2011, the 18th Zhongyuan Advertising Exhibition set an industry development benchmark in the vast business world with an exhibition area of 30,000 square meters, 600 exhibitors, and 1,400 international standard booths! Nearly 50,000 professional visitors from the central and northern regions of China brought the most tangible business benefits and the most valuable on-site communication to exhibitors!

In the autumn of 2011, the 19th Zhongyuan Advertising Exhibition, as a powerful supplement to the spring exhibition, played a positive role in expanding the demand for advertising signs in the second half of the year.

Time: August 19-21, 2011
Location: Zhengzhou·Zhongyuan International Expo Center.
HONGSAM Booth: Hall B B1030.

HONGSAM JETALL® environmentally friendly water-based pigment ink is innovative environmentally friendly patented ink of HONGSAM. Patterns of HONGSAM JETALL® environmentally friendly water-based pigment ink have the quality and durability of that of eco-solvent inks, and there is no need to consider environmental, health and safety issues of solvent inks. Hongjet water-based pigment ink wallpaper printing solution is your best choice to realize a green, environmentally friendly and personalized home.

"Hongcai 6" pigment ink has the same light fastness, waterproofness, scratch resistance and nozzle safety as the original ink. It is a nano resin pigment ink, and it is even better than the original ink in terms of black color. "Hongcai 6" nano-resin pigment ink is suitable for photo printing, short-run printing, card production and other applications that have very strict requirements on light fastness and waterproof effect.

"Hongcai®" water-based dye ink is easy to be absorbed by the printing medium after printing. It has bright colors and low cost. It has certain UV resistance compared with ordinary photo dye inks, which is the important reason for choosing "Hongcai®" dye ink for printing light box cloth. The perfect combination of professional digital printing output equipment and high-quality dye ink presented visitors with a complete set of brightly colored light box cloth printing solutions.

As a certified seller of CANON large-format printers in North China and a certified repair shop of CANON large-format printer, HONGSAM demonstrated canvas and non-woven fabric printing solutions using CANON printer and "Hongcai 6®" pigment ink at the Zhongyuan Advertising Exhibition. The perfect combination of "Hongcai 6" pigment ink with high physical and chemical stability and CANON printer with 12-color ink system print out high-definition and high-precision restored oil canvas art works on site, with vivid color reproduction, winning the cheers of visitors.

EPSON7880, combined with JETALL® water-based pigment ink and professional color management software, can directly output high-definition, colorful, and highly saturated color printing images on coated paper, gold and silver cardboard. The printing solution solves the problem of "soft colors" in printing proofing, and also bring a broader market to short-run printing.

Zhongyuan Advertising Exhibition

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